Exploring Morocco (2)

A “blue town” in Rabat! The navy blue and snowy white worked perfectly together and created a breathtaking scenery. With little influence from the outside world, this town has kept medieval styles and traditions in some ways. The meandering lanes leads me toward tranquility, allowing me to escape from the noises and crowds in the city. I sauntered along the lanes, and ran into an aged Muslin man with long beard – oh how I enjoyed this small town!
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The Moroccan people attach great importance to the decoration of their doors, the same way Chinese people do to the decoration of their house. To the Moroccans, it’s ok to have an ordinary-looking house, except for the door! Almost every door I saw was well designed and decorated.
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While the European and American girls usually prefer to have a tattoo on their body, the Moroccan girls prefer to decorate their hands~~
Enchanting were the nights in Rabat. Under the dim street lamp, I wandered along the quiet lanes; an aged Muslin man walked by, and occasionally a few boys ran by, playing soccer. I felt like I took one step into quietness, another step into noisiness; one into history, another into modern society; one into ethnic features, another into fashionable elements…… Finally I reached the center of the city square, a world bustling with excitement, and I was surrounded by crowds and noises.
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