Exploring Morocco (4)

A blue garden in Marrakech, Morocco! Designed by a master in the 1920s. Blue is really the most beautiful color I’ve ever seen in my daily life, and it’s everywhere in this garden! A big collection of rare animals and plants are reserved in the garden. In the 1980s, the famous designer Yves Saint Laurent bought this garden and it was shot to fame overnight. Even Laurent’s ashes are spread here upon his death.

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Right next to the blue garden are lots of boutique. Perhaps it’s the influence of Saint Larent, there are still some good local designers. The designs are unique, and they are most suitable for those who don’t follow the mainstream but have a taste for good designs. Unfortunately, they probably don’t fit with Chinese body, because I bought two beautiful T-shirt, only to find that I’m too slim for them……

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Souvenir shop next to Saint Laurent Museum

100 101 102 103 104 105 106 107



A glance at Marrakech

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