My Trip to Turkey (3)

When we were at the table, a westerner noticed us, a group of Asians sitting together, so she came over and said hi in Japanese. We told her that we were from China, and she apologized, saying that she couldn’t really tell the difference between Chinese, Korean and Japanese people by just looking at them. “That’s alright,” I said, “the same way we Asians can’t really tell the difference between Italians, Spaniards, Germans and the Dutch. Although we live in an age of globalization and information, so little do we know about each other. “The Westerners” seems to be just one ethnic group in our eyes, just like “The Easterners” are the same group of people in western eyes. But the fact is, the Canadians hate to be mistaken for Americans, New Zealanders hate to be mistaken for Australians, and the Dutch hate to be mistaken for Germans.




Tasty Turkish food ! ~

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Just learned it is a government demand in Turkey that all married women must have at least three children. What’s wrong with the world? Some governments say that women must have more children while some others say that they can’t have more than one. Do they think women are just tools for reproduction? Ridiculous.




Turkish artworks and handicrafts! Those who are passionate about these artworks must also be passionate about their lives!

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Turkish public bathroom, which functions quite similar with Chinese karaoke bars. Being here is more about socializing rather than just bathing. In the bathroom, services such as professional massage and dancing performance are provided, so people can enjoy a bath, a nice massage, wonderful foods, and just watch the dancing performance. But how is it different from Chinese karaoke bars? Well, the Turkish bathroom definitely has different rooms for men and women! lol

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These prisons were first built in early 20th century, but in 1996 they were transformed into 5-star hotels! What we can learn from this is that you don’t have to destroy one thing in order to build something new upon it. Of all the cities I’ve been to around the world, Istanbul is the one that perfectly combines tradition and modernity. And the local tour guides are awesome too! Very well-grounded in introducing the history, geography, culture and local customs! Also, since tourism is the supporting industry in Turkey, one must have a license to become a tour guide.

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