My Trip to Turkey (4)

Accompanied by a Catholic Mexican and a Muslin tour guide when visiting the mosque. Just learned that the Muslin also believes Jesus is the Messiah, who was crucified but rose again. But to the Muslin, Jesus is just a prophet. So mysterious is the God to us, but I know that he does exist!

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How do you compliment women on their beauty in Turkey? “Your eyes are as beautiful as donkeys!” To Turkish people, the donkey eyes look adorable, but I never noticed until the tour guide told me about it! However, if you say something like that in China and Mexican, you will probably be slapped…… lol


The Turkish just love candies! All sorts of candies! And they are not so expensive compared with those in China — the price of a whole package is around 50 to 60 Yuan.

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Turkish architecture set their foundation on the protection of tradition and history. Why are there so many Asian skyscrapers trying to top the rest of the world? As a matter of fact, skyscrapers are not so common in developed countries

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Drinking Turkish coffee with an Indian couple and a local tour guide. It was the first time that I learned mugs can be used for fortune telling after you have finished drinking the coffee, which is a quite prevalent activity in Turkey. What’s unusual about the Turkish coffee is the thick “juice” at the bottom, which is not potable. Pour the leftover onto the plate, wait until it’s fully cooled down, and see the pattern that coffee left on your mug. The pattern around the rim of a mug predicts the future, the pattern in the middle represent your present, and the pattern at the bottom tells about your past. As for the meaning of patterns, trees signify wealth, snakes signify cunningness, cats signify an unwillingness to change. So many wonders in the world! haha

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The handicrafts in Turkey are exquisite! Especially those decorations for lamps — so beautifully designed. Do you think they will be also be popular in China?

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