My Trip to Turkey (5)

The most well-known painting in Turkey. Guess what’s the guy doing? He was a slave and was made to train the tortoise as a punishment! lol




Can you tell the differences between Mosque, Catholic church and Orthodox church? Well, the most typical feature of mosque is the hammer-vault roofing, while on the top of a Christian church is a cross. But the cross varies between Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant church. If you look inside, you will find seats in Christian churches while in a Mosque, the space is more like a square on which people can worship on their knees. The walls of a Mosque are decorated with flowery tiles, while in a Christian church, you will find more paintings and sculptures as decorations.

93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 101 102 103 104 105


The smaller ones are about 60 Yuan, and the bigger ones are about 400 Yuan~

106 107



In Turkey, if you collect 1,000 plastic bottle tops, you can get a wheelchair in exchange. A new way of practicing philanthropy!


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