My Trip to Turkey (7)

A real show of world diversity — dresses from around the world! It is not about having silky skin or attractive figure; the happiness I see in these people has already taken over me!

138 139 140 141 142 143 144


The world is losing its diversity… wherever I go, I feel like all the countries and the people of those countries are feeling more and more insecure. The young generation knows little about books and pens because they are born into an age of electronic products; the rich gets richer and the poor only gets poorer; every single day we have access to tons of information, but it becomes harder to learn the truth. In the meantime, we always want to be special and try as hard as we can to show our personalities. The world is become homogenized AND diversified at the same time……


The cities biding for the next International Conference of University Women include South Africa, Egypt and India. All of them sound appealing, but it seems like some people are concerned with safety issues. Where do you prefer to see the next conference held?

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