My Trip to Turkey (1)

Arrived in Turkey on 16th August! I feel so grateful for His grace.
Both traditional and modern features can be found on the streets in Turkey. BTW, even CCTV4 can be found on local television!


Surprising things at the International Conference of University Women: most attendees were in their 60s to 80s, and young women were rare to be seen; Secondly, attendees came from a wide range of backgrounds, including European, American, African, Latin American, Indian, Turkish, and even Afghan, but I saw few Arabic women and there is no representativefrom mainland China. I attended the conference as a representative of Hong Kong. What are the reasons behind these two phenomena?


Marvelous Turkish patterns are everywhere~ Tablecloth, couch, plate, carpet……

11 12 13

Wonderful Turkish innovations! Guess what are these?

14 15 17 16

Turkey is a country that bridges two continents. Here, the conservative Muslin traditions and forward European styles co-exist. Just look at the fashionable women in Turkey! It is noteworthy that the Muslin women in Turkey look more trendy than most women in other Muslin countries, and their choose fabrics and colors of their clothes from a wider range. Most Muslin women in other countries use a black veil to cover their faces.
18 19 23 22 21 20
Traditional art in Turkey. All the artworks on paper has a history of around 200 years……

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