Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania (1)

Arrived in Pennsylvania. Spent Thanksgiving here. Travelled with 40 people from over 10 different countries. In my host family lived a old lady who lived in awe of God. She spent the hardest days of her life with a strong faith in God, bringing up four kids all by herself. Life treated her with hardships, yet I saw no complaint but only joy and gratitude in her.

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Spent Thanksgiving in my host family in Pennsylvania. It was the first time I spent Thanksgiving in an American family. We had turkeys, corns, mashed potatoes, and green beans. Many Chinese people hold the traditional view that we do the best in performing our obligations to our aged parents, but from what I have seen, most Americans also take very good care of their family, even better than some Chinese people these days. It really warmed my heart when the old lady placed her head on her son’s shoulder when we were watching tv.

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Roofed bridge. Guess why they roofed the bridge?



Amish kids. Amish people migranted from the Netherlands to the new world in early 16th century. Back then the United States of America were yet to be established. For hundreds of years, Amish people have lived as a self-contained community, resisting any type of modernization and urbanization. There is no electricity in an Amish family. They have their own educational institutions and (Christian) churches, as well as their own communities. Amish communities are agriculture based, but it doesn’t mean that they are broke. Most Amish families actually have a quite deep pocket, but they believe in living a simple life.
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Weather forecasting in Amish communities
Shops owned by Amish people. Most of the products here are for tourists. Their own clothing are not as colorful.
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Amish people’s school. Most Amish schools are pretty small because it’s community-based. There are no more than 20 kids in total, and kids from the same grade sit in a row. A bit similar to the primary schools in Chinese countryside, where the teachers teach kids from more than one grade. The students study English, German, Literature, History and Maths. Amish schools offer education until the 8th grade, so if you wish to continue studying, you have go somewhere else. But most Amish people are satisfied with this amount of education because they find it enough for an agriculture-based community. They only pursue higher degrees if they want to be a lawyer, doctor, or what not
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But don’t think that Amish people have low standards for social behaviors just because they receive limited education. On the contrary, their educational system is quite well-established. Amish children also do better in exams than kids from other public schools. This is because of the high quality of Amish teachers, and the fact that students in higher grades keep reviewing what they have learned in previous years because they sit in the same classroom with younger students.
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