Philadelphia II

Only when you arrive in Philly can you understand how famous Benjamin Franklin is. As the famous politician, writer, publisher, you can sense his influence wherever you go. Apart from his contribution to electricity, he also had a huge impact on Independence War and education. This is his tomb together with his wife. There are some pennies on his tomb. A penny is similar to the pronunciation of Pennsylvania. This also shows his great contribution to Pennsylvania.



Quaker is a sect of Christian. This sect originated from England and the believers moved here due to dissatisfaction with English church. They believe that God would speak directly to everyone, so there is no need for a mediator. This is their church. They do not need a priest or any ritual. The only thing to do in church is to pray, mediate and communicate with God. Most early settlers here were Quakers.



Another famous fact of Philly is that this is where the national flag was born. The designer and maker were all from Philly. This is the residence of the maker Betsy Rose.


The reason why U.S is a superpower is related to its Christian tradition. However, the over pursuit of freedom has made some of its laws off the nature of Christianity.


This is the old residence of Benjamin Franklin. He had a legendary life. He loved to read at an early age and had a great memory. Although he was born in Boston, in order to live a different life, he went to New York alone. He heard that there was a print shop in Philly so he walked to Philly from NY. It took 2.5 hours from Boston to NY and 1.5 hours from NY to Philly by train. You could imagine how much courage it needs to walk such a long walk. In addition, most of the places were still barren back to 18th century.
American Independence Hall. U.S Constitution and the Declaration of Independence were all born here. Pennsylvania is one of the earliest thirteen states of U.S. Philly was the first capital for ten years because at that time, Washington DC was still a barren land. History is easy to forget. These might be history for us but people then were willing to exchange their life to win independence and liberty.


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