Washington DC

White house. I‘m pretty sure many of our municipal governmental offices are more magnificent than this one but… Power has nothing to do with the physical building.


There is a vast green land between the Capitol hill and the monument ~ the national mall. People play sports, vend small items here. A fun place for family.


One of the scenes I like mostly in the cities. You often see people running on the streets. In my view, body is part of social class. If you don’t agree, please still stay calm.


Heroes in the history, although we don’t know their names. I just remembered a debate we had in high school~who created the history? The individual leaders or multitudes? Most of time we only remember the names of a few, what about those ‘normal’ people? I don’t know why, when I saw these statues what jumped into mt head was ‘the progression of our civilization is built on the loss of many lives. ‘ That is why if I had a son I would never send him to battle. I don’t care whatsoever the so-called ‘honor ‘ is. Again if u do not agree, stay calm.

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This photo of the statue of President Washington is taken in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC. President Washington refused his colleagues’ suggestions of him establishing a military government after he led the troops of American people winning the Independent War against Great Britain. Instead, he retired from his position and returned home to be a peasant. He thought swords and guns should be used only for the pursuit of liberty. Once people won their liberty, there was no use for swords and guns any more. The artist is intended to remind the descendants with this statue that the minority should never monopolize power and they should learn to give up power at proper time like what President Washington did.


The lady in this painting is holding a withered rose in her hand, surrounded by presents given by her pursuers. She looks at the withered rose, which indicates the fact that one day, her beauty would also disappear like the rose. But where would her love rest then?


The painter painted his wife and daughter in this painting. However, he left his wife after this painting due to the fact that he fell in love with another woman. As a consequence, the wife in the painting turned back her face, unwilling to look at the painter. At the same time, his daughter’s eyes are filled with concern, doubts and sorrow.


The writer, Henry Adam, sponsors this sculpture to memorize his wife who committed suicide. But Henry Adam never admitted that the work was done for her. The sculptor shows the relationship between life and death through this work. He intentionally blurs the gender – it is hard to tell whether this is a male or a female.


Until today, I get to know the fact that this famous design of “LOVE” is made by Rober Idianns. The designer also had not imagined that this work should achieve such commercial success. It is widely used in Christmas cards and wrap-up paper. Due to the fact that the designer did not register for copyright, he made not a single dollar from the tremendous commercial success.


This designer, Andy Warhol, as well as this work of Marilyn Monroe might be the most familiarized names.



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