Final Thesis Panel Presentation of BFA Fashion Design – Parsons 2014

This is the Final Thesis Panel Presentation of BFA Fashion Design of Parson in 2014. Students would display their works first and then receive individual comments. Every student would do his or her individual presentation. I like this series very much. But it has a high requirement of the body – only tall people could wear it. So this one suits European market fine.


This series of dresses is made up of wooden chips. The studio starts to use warm light so the shooting effect seems not so good.


This series of red dresses is very pretty, especially the one on the right up corner. It uses laser cutting.


The theme of this series is dream. Designer painted her dreams down and then printed them on cloth. The scenes are mainly about ocean and wave.


This design is inspired by sound wave. Every piece would reflect the designer’s personality. This designer is very outgoing and is a huge fan of pop music.


I find that most Asian designers are inspired by either dreams or fairy tales, which feel very romantic and has strong Asian features. I hear at least five designers use such way to create their story. All of them are Asian – Chinese, Japanese and Korean. This series is inspired by rabbit in animation. If you check the last one closely, it does feel like a little rabbit.


This series is inspired by nightmare. Ho ho, there are indeed so many dreams. But this series is quite different from the previous sweet Asian style.


This designer is mixed blood. Her mother is Japanese so she adopts kimono into her story. Her works are also in hybridity. The French sociologist Pierre Boudieu’s habitus theory could be used everywhere. Everyone is influenced by his or her living environment and then he or she would influence social development.


This girl seems small but her works are very grand.


I am very optimistic of the future of this boy. He adopts the way cutting male suits into making female clothes. This might not be innovative but the proportion is very accurate. When some female garments use more cloth and cutting of male suits features, they would look like male suits – lacking necessary femininity. Also he makes a good match of geometry shapes, patterns as well as fabrics.


The dress in the right bottom is made of pvc and felting. The shape is simple but color and pattern are very attractive.


The creativity in Parson means creativity under commercial value. This is totally different from the iconoclasm and complete wild creativity in Saint Martin. All judges come from fashion industry – buyers, designers, curators and media. The most frequent questions raised by judges are where your personal identity is shown, where you plan to sell the series, with what brands you will place your works. The most suggestions offered are that these are good concepts, but you include too many different elements and you need to be simpler. But generally speaking, the comments are very good. I think these works are pretty good. They achieve a quite nice balance between commercial value and creativity. At least 5o% of the products could be sold in shops directly after slight changes.

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