Jewish Culture II_ The Anniversary of Holocaust

This event I went today is very sorrow – the anniversary of holocaust, which is held on the fifth avenue in NY. This is the host. The whole event is held according to Jewish tradition.


This is the guest speaker, Prof. Elie Wiesel, Nobel Peace Prize winner. He is 86 years old now, one of the survivors of Holocaust. He dedicates his whole life to academic and pursuit of peace after rescue. If you could spare some time clicking this photo to see his face, you would feel his pain. His parents and one younger sister all died in concentration camp while he and two other older sisters were rescued.



The last ritual is to pray for the 1.5 million children victims, aging from infants to ten years old. Each one has a different list in his hand. The host asks everyone to stand up and pray aloud, instead of whispering, to show respect for the victims. During this ritual, he sings Jewish songs. Although I cannot understand the lyrics, the melody is able to make everyone weep. There are tears from the prayers.


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