Parsons Final Thesis Presentation – Accessory section.

Horse riding collections, including hammer, belt, bags and shoes. The presentation form testifies students’ presentation skills, merchandise planning and mix and match skills. Give attention to the set up of the table, the visual display is part of the exam. Again, creative in details and marketable, excellent craftsmanship. All students are requested to make products by themselves.


My one favor collection. Made of fish skin. Natural but energetic color, eco~friendly. Again, good combination of merchandise and color story.


Another my favoured collection. The designer used wood mould and compressed air to press the sculpture look of surface. The graphics are also interesting, keys, glasses, coins…all the stuff you place in your bags normally. This is about being creativity but still marketable. Smart, fun and functional. Would you buy one of them? I will.


This collection was inspired by ocean. Well you can tell by the color and the texture. The designer dip the leather into water than use hand to create and mould the wave texture. The ocean blue color looks better than it is on picture. The pale orange decoration just brightens the whole collection.


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