Parsons MFA Fashion Design and Society final exhibition.

Parsons MFA Fashion Design and Society final exhibition.


Liquid box. The top layer is made of Polyester and under it, the color part was made of Chine de crepe.


Beads collection by a Chinese student.


Oversized silhouette, texture of the fabric especially with laser cutting are popular.


Again oversized silhouette, unfinnished hems, irregular cutting are in vogue. MFA are more for conceptual development.


Nice prints. It takes a while to figure out how to wear it


Again as u see, oversized scale heavy metal look beads. Every part is exaggerated but still wearable.


Again unfinished trimming.


“I am who I am.” Oversized but cropped jackets. Every details are exaggerated, the waist, the bow, the color block. Nice color coordination – very clean color. By a Chinese student. One of the best in my view.


Oversized scale O shape. Laser cutting embroidery. Mix of knitwear and silk, heavy and light fabric, opaqueness and transparency. It is worthy of notes that many people think Parsons are strong in creativity but not technology, in fact Parsons students are also very good at craftsmanship. Students are obligated to make all garments by themselves except for the small parts that may need special equipments or trimming. I would say Parsons strength lies in its balance of creativity, marketability and craftsmanship that is why their students are popular in the job market.


Check the details – very good yarns and craftsmanship. Mix and match are still popular. Woven and knitwear, heavy and light, wildness and delicacy, three dimensional and flat, all are displayed here. Speaking of techniques, there are great use of laser cutting and 3D printing in this graduation presentation.


Parsons MFA Fashion Design and Society final exhibitions are all held at places provided by big companies. This year, it is in the headquarter of Gucci. Last year, it was in the place sponsored by Diane Von Furstenberg. The first year was supported by Donna Karen. In New York, there are certain industrial advantages – students are able to do interns in high-end designers brands. Chinese colleges do not have such convenience. The one on the left with a pair of glasses is the head of Fashion Design College, Simon Collins. Former head Tim Gun was the one held Project Runway and after his term, he went to Liz Claiborne. Simon was from Nike but he joined Nike after I left there. So we missed each other in a sense. The middle one which is the CEO of Gucci is said to be able to speak Chinese. The one on the right is the director Shelley Fox, graduate from central Saint Martin College of Arts and Design. She is the student of the famous teacher, Louise Wilson.


I love fashion not only because it beautifies our life but also it identifies people and shapes and mirrors the society. At fashion party the most interesting part sometimes is not the show itself but the audience.



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