Parsons School of Fashion BFA Final Static Show.

Parsons School of Fashion BFA Final Static Show. After seeing the MFA show last week you will see the differences between MFA and BFA. Sorry for not including the names of designers this time as I forgot to record names. The cutting structure of the side seam of this piece is very interesting.




This is not my favorite one but it has some features. One of the judges in last week’s final thesis presentation commented that red was the most risky color for clothes. Clothes in red either sell the best or the worst. The reality turns out to be the same. Designer has to be very careful when using red for large space.


I think this piece would have a better market if it is either on plain black fabric with rhinestones or colored striped fabric or having strong contrast of graphic patterns without rhinestones. I don’t know whether it is because of the problem of cutting or of the mannequin, the clothing devoids of a soul.


The printing on the felting fabric is quite interesting. But it still makes me feel need a bit more improvement in design. There could be more innovation in the cutting. Having said that, the texture and color of the fabric is pretty nice.


This dress is very nice. Its design is not so surprising but it would sell well. Unfortunately the picture does not show much details


Laser cutting is in vogue. The fabric of the orange part is made of woven bags.


The graduation works of fashion marketing students are also on display. The projector is playing interviews of students while there are several ipads in the room in which viewers could check details of their works. On the wall there are final presentation of the merchandise planning that covers storyboard, color board and merchandise planning. This merchandise planning is very much like the one in the real business world. Of course, the line in a real company is much larger.


A corner of the static show.



The night of May 21st, 2014 would be the BFA fashion benefits show of School of Fashion at Parsons. Diane Von Fertenburg, Jason Wu and other leading figures of high fashion houses would be there. This is one of the most magnificent annual events in the school. Prices of tickets range from 1000 USD to 10,000 USD, which would be donated as scholarships for students in the future. Stay tuned!

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