Paying Tribute to the Legend: Louise Wilson


(The photo is from the Internet)


I am deeply shocked by this news. The leading professor in Saint Martin, Louise Wilson passed away last night, at the age of 51. She has mentored several top designers, among which the most famous one is McQueen. This is a huge blow to Saint Martin. I have planned to interview her before and I really should have done this during my last trip to London. How unpredictable life is!


What a sad and shocking news! I guess there must be many people sharing similar feeling with me in fashion industry. When I read the news, I was shocked at first sight. If you have never met her in person before, it might be hard for you to imagine her charisma. Extremely talented and special woman. She might not be a ‘good’ teacher in the sense of traditional Chinese values. 9 out of 10 of her comments to students carry somewhat dirty words. “This is totally a rubbish. This damn thing should be thrown out of the fucking window”. But every one still loves her and admires her! She has a pair of sharp eyes to identify genius. Top teachers know who is genius. She is well aware of how to enlighten a designer with simple words and how to transform an ordinary design into a magnificent one. She is the most unique woman I have ever met. Honestly speaking, if central Saint Martin cannot find a teacher like her quickly, the destiny of this school might be very veered.

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