Parsons BFA Fashion Benefits Show I

Parsons BFA Fashion Benefits Show Preview. The long queue was started nearly 1 hour before the show started. May is the ‘show’ season at fashion schools. Started from the panel discussions, to the static show, followed by this preview and tonight will be the big show, which costs minimum 1000 usd up to 10000 usd for a ticket. This big show is for industry people to watch and a fund raising event.


It is always interesting to see fashion worn by the audience at the fashion shows.


The show starts from childrens wear. The show is in an auditorium so the stage space is limited. But obviously Parsons is doing very smartly. Noticed how different the catwalk stage looks different with normal fashion stage? It is a horizontal zigzag stage. We can only see the model from the side, the big projector in the center offers a live show of the front view of the clothing.


Mix and match is always in. Here the designers assemble the yarn and fur into one piece.


Mens wear is becoming more interesting now just like womens wear. The tendency of androgyny makes it sometimes difficult to define who is man who is woman. But in fashion industry who cares? Anything is possible.


You shall notice that most of the collections are in neutral colors. Rarely see bold exuberant kaleidoscopically colors from Parsons collection. From marketability perspective neutral color are always the safe one.



Another Chinese designer’s work. It is thrilling to see the rapid emergence of these young Chinese talents. 20 years ago most Asian design students were from Japan. Later were Korean students, now the turn of Chinese students. Add oil~:) Chinese boys and girls!


Final look of the first group.


Followed by a speech fm the dean of fashion school and the alumni.


Then a short video showing the interview with alumni like Anna Sui. Donna Karen…


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