Abolitionist Fashion Show in NYC

It is pretty convenient to see the magnificent show of big fashion week. What about small scale show like this one? Its theme is ‘abolitionist fashion show’. There are many small scale fashion shows in NY every week, not even include the trunk shows of many independent designers. Today the show is held in a special location – a Catholic church. All the pews were removed to transform the church into a grand party space. Theater now becomes a stage. Although this is a charitable event, as a Christian I am not sure whether this is something that God really likes to see.


This is their business model. By the way, this is quite popular model in New York. Sponsorship dilutes some of the cost apparently this is very common fund resource for NGO. I assume the designers also cover part of the cost by themselves. Last but not the least the audiences contribute the money by purchasing different types of tickets. The highest ones cost 80 USD, which offer roundtables, beverages and snacks. Audiences in groups would prefer such type. Then the VIP seats near the stage cost 35 USD. The cheapest tickets are for those who would stand and watch the show. They only cost 15 USD for one person and 20 USD for two persons. The prices shall be quite easy to access for most of people, I assume?


Such events always go side by side with silent-auctions of related artistic works. Painters or designers normally mark the minimum prices. The theme of this set of painting is “A Million Men and A Million Promises”– the promise to reject violence against women. These paintings are also printed on scarves for sales. The opening bid for each of the paintings is 300 USD, which seems acceptable?


This collection is all made on used garments.


These paintings look like kaleidoscope – full of exuberant colors. They are made by a garment brand, founded by a painter and a designer. The painter paints then the designer transform the paintings into clothing design.




One of the problems of ethical fashion is most of the design do not show strong visual attractiveness. One of the definitions of ethical fashion is “anti-fashion”- designers deliberately make the design look like ‘no-fashion’.


Look at the long legs of this model!


It is always very interesting to see the dress of the audience at the fashion show.


This guy reminds me of Jack starred by Leonardo in Titanic.


A glance at the audience.


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