My Amazing Paintball Game Today

I tried paintball today and had lots of fun. The only challenge was the heat. The temperature is in fact pretty moderate, quite suitable for playing this type of game. But with the mask on my face and a heavy gun in my hand, I kept sweating while I squat and hid behind the defense wall.


Do I look cool? Military experts recognize instantly that I am a novice. Everyone else wear either camouflage clothing or jackets in dark colors. Only I and another man wore in white color. We are the most observable targets in the ‘battle’. Having said that, all I did was to stay in the last row. I shot randomly although I never knew whether I hit the target or not. Those who were in the front line normally “die” quickly. I ‘survived’ couple of times because I never moved-J Well, I am not a positive stereotype in this case. Once in a real battle, you should act like a real hero.


The ‘gift’ from the ‘battle’ – the blues on my legs.


Look at our “enemies”! Are you discussing the strategy for the battle?


The “battlefields” are isolated and surrounded by the nets.


Looking at this amazing tattoo. This is David from Myanmar. The one on the arm is the image of Guan Yin (budda). The one on his back is a tribal totem of Cambodia. He finally allowed me to take the picture of his back after I ‘begged’ him a few times.


The man on the left is David and the man on the right is an active soldier of US army. Well, do I look like renmin jiefang jun (Chinese liberation army)?


A sweet photo of a mother and her son. After a long time of observation, now I declare that black people have the best skins – I never see wrinkles on their faces.


A photo with two cute kids.


Two cool guys.


I admit that I am not a good ‘soldier’ because I withdrew from the ‘battle’ before it was ended. I just felt too hot and I am very sensitive to pain. So I just hang around and eventually came across with these cute baby rabbits – they look like rats!


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