My Tour to Urban Farm and Its Triple-Win Mode

I went to an urban farm in NYC. It is next to an office building, in which there is a high-end restaurant. The farm receives leftovers from the restaurant everyday, which would be processed into fertilizer. This process happens at the site behind the building, to which costumers have no access. As along as the ingredients of the trash are balanced and the temperature is moderate, there would be no smell coming out.


The farm locates across the restaurant, filled with vegetables and fruits. Leftovers from tables are processed and then used in the farm as fertilizer. Consumers get chance to eat the fresh organic food while enjoying the green garden and harbor view. The restaurant saves logistics fees and time cost while reducing the pollution caused by motor transportation. The farm owner receives profits from this process. The consumers, the restaurant and the farm, this is a great triple-win model that yields both of commercial profits as well as social significance.


There are many nicely designed benches in the halls and corridors of office buildings and schools in NYC, which endow the buildings an aesthetic taste as well as a warm feeling.



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