Always look at the bright side – Some Thoughts on China and Chinese Fashion Industry

The organizer of the Brazilian conference says they would like to know why Chinese fashion industry develops so fast. No one expected China would have her own fashion 20 years ago. A friend asked me a similar question – why China made such dramatic change in the past 30 years? What a big question! What I found from my conversations with my Chinese friends and international friends is they often focus on different side of the same story. From the China side, all I hear are corruption, dictatorship, air pollution, poisoned food, hopeless education and blablabla. But what I often hear from my overseas friends are the inconceivable changes that China has made in past 30 years. China is the only country that made such great achievement without undergoing any severe political unrest.

When I was 19 years old, my boss told me that one often sees the bad side of the system when he is IN the system. But when he looks at the system from OUTSIDE of the system, he often discovers the good side of the system. So staff often finds the merits of his previous company when he changes his job, or notices in fact his previous boss is better than the current one; a man may find his ex is better than the new one (hopefully not)… Just like people often complaint a lot of our own home countries, and find other countries seem better than our own. The point is – no one is perfect, it all depends on which side you are looking at. Life is short – a way to make ourselves happy is to always look at the good side. (Apparently it does not mean we shall neglect the problems)

One thought on “Always look at the bright side – Some Thoughts on China and Chinese Fashion Industry

  1. Well said! We all need to begin to look for the good in things as opposed to putting so much emphasis on the negatives. The world is as we see it: if we focus on the positives, you’ll undoubtedly begin to see more positives in the world, and vice-versa. One problem with current media is they put heavy emphasis on negative news, affective people’s perspectives that the entire world is as such. It’s a big world however and with as much negativity that is being glorified, there is an abundance more from a positive perspective…just have to know where to look.

    We explore the positive aspects of each country and culture, providing (positive) news and information about each.

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