Trip to Brazil I – Local Food and Colorful Houses

This is a vintage-style shop and restaurant. They sell almost everything that you need for daily life.



The decorations on the celling


The combination of dried fish and table cloth.


Guess what is this (not the lamp)?


Living expense in Sao Paulo is not low at all. Very much like Shanghai – everything is expensive though people’s average income is still low.


The kitchen.


Sao Paulo is a green city, plants are everywhere


Just like many European countries, Sao Paulo has a mix of historical buildings and contemporary ones. The house price here is also surprisingly high – just like Shanghai and Beijing. I told Carol that in China no individual owns any land and our ownership of the house is 70 years – in theory 70 years later the house may not belong to us anymore (more like we rent the land from the government for 70 years). I don’t think the government will take back the house 70 years later, most probably we still have to pay certain cost in order to sustain our ownership of the house.


Just like in USA, cemeteries often locate next to the residence community in Brazil. In China we never live next to cemeteries as they are seen as ‘bad luck’. This is a catholic cemetery. The richer the owner is the taller and magnificent the tomb is. This is same in China – nature of human being. Btw, the cemeteries in China are also very expensive – we say ‘too expensive to die’.


Street art in Sao Paulo. You still can see these paintings carrying very strong Brazilian features – free, passionate and vibrant.


Most artists do the street arts for free. There are so many talented artists in the world but so few people are willing to pay for arts.



Colorful houses are everywhere in Brazil.


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