Trip to Brazil III – Local Fashion Brands

A local Brazilian brand – Havaiana, who started business from flip-flops. Color is everywhere in Brazil – all vibrant, bold and energetic. From the colors you can tell how much Brazilian people love the nature. Chinese designers also love nature but their work show a very different taste of ‘nature’. We tend to show the nature in a more ‘peaceful’ form (as opposed to the Brazilian’s ‘active’ form) – our colors are more neutral (other than vibrant) – black, white, grey, dark blue… It is interesting to see how different nation translates the same object (phenomenon) in different cultural context. As I said yesterday food and houses in Sao Paulo are expensive, but clothes/shoes here are relatively cheaper than they are in China. Very good values for money!



This is a local prestige designer’s store, just like McQueen’s position in Europe.


A Beachwear store.


Stay quite a while in this sunglasses store. Very cool sunglasses and watches. Some of the designs are exclusive to this store only. I was so tempted into them.



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