Trip to Brazil V – Visit to UAM

I visited Carol’s school – Anhembi Morumbi University today. Yes the name is too long to remember – just call it UAM. There are over 170 universities in Brazil that offer the fashion major, this number is closed to the 200 in China (but we have 1.3 billion population! The number of fashion schools in Brazil is far beyond my expectation). I did a brief presentation of Chinese fashion to the students (btw Carol your students are wonderful! They asked some really good questions!). I always ask the audience about what they think of China before I start my presentation. Guess what are the answers from the students? Although we are in an internet age – I found very often we still know very little about each other (not only between China and Brazil, but all of other countries too). Are we really in a global village now? My Chinese friends are all so excited at my trip to Brazil – because by now none of them has been to this amazing country and they are all so curious about this place.

One common feature about teaching at fashion classes – no matter which country you are in – China, USA, Europe, now Latin American – you always see much more girls than boys, yes much more! Each class often only has one-two male students, but most top designers are men – guess why?


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