Trip to Brazil VI: Glimpses of Brazilian cities and countryside

Sometimes you don’t need to go to hot sight seeing spots to understand a city. The street scenes already tell you much about the local culture and life.

In Brazil, street art is everywhere. You can see the strong Brazilian features in these photos of street art in Sao Paulo – free, passionate and vibrant.


Street art in Caxias. Every single piece is simply stunning!

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Here below is a photo where the street art blends perfectly well with the Brazilian youth.


The topography in Caxias is very similar to that in Hong Kong Island. There are many slopes and some are pretty steep. I wouldn’t be able to drive on this type of road.


A square and a bus stop in Caxias. The bus stop is nicer than it is in China 🙂


On Sept 2, after lecture, I went to another small town with Carol Garcia, Franklin and Ludmila Paz. Most of the early immigrants to Brazil were from Europe, so the town looks very European style. Again, color is everywhere in Brazil! Brazilians’ passion for nature can be fully seen from their use of colors. All the colors are very vibrant, pure and saturated.


Countryside in Brazil. Seems to me that one of the major differences between China and other developed countries lies in the development of sub-urban area and the countryside. Hardware and facilities in macro cities like Beijing and Shanghai maybe even better / newer than those in NY, London and Tokyo. However, when it comes to the villages and countryside, the scene becomes totally different.


Although Brazil might not do better than China in economic development, its small towns look much more developed.


Southern towns in Brazil specialize in winemaking. There are many vineyards and wineries of different scales. Seems like people in the towns live quite a quality life. That is why the future economic growth of China will mostly rely on the development of sub-urban areas and countryside.


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