Weekend trip to Mountain Lake in New Jersey – Day 1

Weekend trip to Mountain Lake in New Jersey.

The local mayor was making a short speech! The mayor came here alone. People would at most shake hands with him upon seeing him. They treat him just like an ordinary person. No fancy crowd is at his service all the time. In China, even a head of village is escorted by a flock of people wherever he goes. My brother once invited a head of a governmental department in a small town for a dinner – this guy brought all his subordinators plus his son and relatives to the dinner – without even a prior check with my brother whether he could bring more people. These guys just take it for granted!

2014-10-29 01.07.04

The master-disciple duos are performing, part of the reception program.

2014-10-29 01.07.07

The farmer’ market in Mountain Lake. I never saw such pumpkins!

2014-10-29 01.07.11


The house of my host family is just adjacent to the lake. What a beautiful scene!

2014-10-29 01.07.30

Opposite the entrance of my host family’s house.

2014-10-29 01.07.33

We had dinner at another friend’s home. Every family brought one dish so that everyone can at least enjoy dish of their own choice and that the host family does not have to be too stressful to prepare a big feast for everyone. I wish we could do the similar reception in China too. But if I asked everyone bring in one food it would be very awkward in China – we just don’t have this tradition. It is also too much work to prepare a big feast just by one family. The older generation like my parents used to do this every year during our New Year. Now they are too old to do the big work, the younger generation like myself are either not good at cooking or too lazy, so now we end up with inviting all guests to restaurants for festival gathering.

2014-10-29 01.07.36 2014-10-29 01.07.47 2014-10-29 01.07.44

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