Weekend trip to Mountain Lake in New Jersey – Day 2

My Sunday morning starts with playing with Benny. He is already 14 years old. Look at his eyes – full of gentleness and love

2014-10-29 01.07.56

Today’s breakfast!


Went out to walk Benny and Milo with the hostess. Now I know that walking dogs is not that easy. They both are very strong. More often than not, they just drag me to run along.

2014-10-29 01.08.06

I noticed this beautiful scene while I was walking the dogs. Out of nowhere, my hometown Korla in Xinjiang (the Uygur region) came across my mind. The views are actually different in the 2 places – Xinjiang is a desert area and has no big green land, but they both look very spacious and you can barely spot the end of the horizon.

2014-10-29 01.08.15

Brunch time. The same rule: one family brings one dish.

2014-10-29 01.08.29

To possess eyes which can discover the beautiful thing is more valuable than to possess the beautiful thing itself.

2014-10-29 01.09.06

2014-10-29 01.09.03ML-B

The program today is to make pumpkin lanterns. Halloween is coming. First, cut out the top of the pumpkin. You have to place the knife at a 45 degree angle , do you know why? (Don’t laugh at me my American friends – I know this is very junior level question to you-☺

2014-10-29 01.09.16

Then, find a pattern you like from the graphic book. Use a roller to transfer the pattern onto the pumpkin. The roller reminds me of the roller used for clothing pattern cutting – they share the exact same theory.


You can tell from this procedure who often cooks, and who does not. I did not even touch the pumpkin and was just taking photos. My mom always wonders how I have managed to feed myself in all these years when I am travelling.

2014-10-29 01.09.29

This is a professor in Department of International Relations at Shanghai Tongji University. He ‘suffered’ a while to cut out the pattern. Easier said than done. The pumpkin skin is so thick…

2014-10-29 01.09.35

The pattern cut out by the professor and the young girl. None of us knows what this pattern actually represents?

2014-10-29 01.09.40

Blue sky, warm sun, green trees and the golden autumn leaves, plus a group of energetic friends from all over the world – can you feel my happiness? I almost fell asleep in the warm sunshine!

2014-10-29 01.09.49


This is what the finished pumpkin lanterns look like.

2014-10-29 01.09.52

The little girl – Biyan’s mother is only 5 years older than me. Well! C’est la vie!

2014-10-29 01.09.55

With another 2 Fulbrighters!

2014-10-29 01.09.58

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