The community life in USA


Travel, is not only to look at the scenery, but also to understand the world and experience life. We are also looking for cooperation with all kinds of publishers, traditional media and new media for this series. If you have interest, please feel free to contact me.

In addition to several big cities in US such as New York, in fact, most of the places are small towns in rural areas. For those Chinese who enjoy crowds, the life in town is somewhat boring. However, the American’s community life in fact is much more interesting than we thought. The life in MOUNTAIN-LAKE town in New Jersey is a good example. It will invite some international students to spend the weekends with community residents through some public interest organizations annually.

The local mayor was making a short speech! The mayor came here alone. People would at most shake hands with him upon seeing him. They treat him just like an ordinary person. No fancy crowd is at his service all the time. In China, even a head of village is escorted by a flock of people wherever he goes.

图片 1

The master-disciple duos are performing, part of the reception program.


Look at the farmers’ market here—-it was during Halloween I first time noticed that pumpkin can have different appearances just like people’s face. Incidentally looked at the price, frankly speaking, food price in America is not high. I seldom hear that someone is starved in America.


In 80-90s, Chinese people used to treat their relatives at home. Nowadays, we prefer to invite all guests to restaurants even for festival gathering. Conversely, American would like to invite friends and relatives to their home. This time, we had dinner at another friend’s home. Every family brought one dish so that everyone can at least enjoy dish of their own choice and that the host family does not have to be too stressful to prepare a big feast for everyone.


Now, let’s have a look at their house. Host’s living room. Basically speaking, the living room and dining room are downstairs. Upstairs is bedroom. In America, people don’t count their house size by area but by the number of bedrooms.


A house like this in New Jersey, one hour’s ride to Manhattan downtown in New York and with a big courtyard, is no more than 500 thousand US dollars.


The place where we had lunch. In European and American family, no matter the house size, what impressed me most was the big sofa and cushions that can be found everywhere. You can sit or lie everywhere making you feel warm and sweet. Even on the public walkway in campus, you can act whatever you feel comfortable, which enables people to relax easily. Although as a guest, I feel at home when seeing this kind of interior decoration.


Courtyard and balcony.


The semi-open living room.


To possess eyes which can discover the beautiful thing is more valuable than to possess the beautiful thing itself.


The program today is to make pumpkin lanterns. Halloween is coming. First, cut out the top of the pumpkin. You have to place the knife at a 45-degree angle, do you know why?


Then, find a pattern you like from the graphic book. Use a roller to transfer the pattern onto the pumpkin. The roller reminds me of the roller used for clothing pattern cutting – they share the exact same theory.


You can tell from this procedure who often cooks, and who does not. I did not even touch the pumpkin and was just taking photos.


Easier said than done. The pumpkin skin was so thick…


The pattern cut out by the professor and the young girl. None of us knows what this pattern actually represents.



Blue sky, warm sun, green trees and the golden autumn leaves, plus a group of energetic friends from all over the world – can you feel my happiness?


This is what the finished pumpkin lanterns look like.


One of the most interesting things in American is that you can meet people from anywhere. The picture was taken with a girl from Viet Nam. She specially wore Viet Nam‘s ao dai. The slit is higher than Qipao. It should be ware with pants. Although we get along well with each other, it seems that Chinese are not welcomed in Viet Nam. The war we called “counterattack in self-defense” is not justice according to their textbook.


Talking with a guy from Kurd Iraq. I always think that Iraq is a dangerous place, but due to the high degree of autonomy in Kurd and the use of same language, Kurd hasn’t been involved in the violence. Its safety level is just behind Turkey. Female education level and employment rate are relatively high. It is still conservative in terms of marriage. Premarital sex is prohibited nowadays. People will receive severe legal and religious punishment and must marry each other if they violate the rule. Although polygamy is allowed by religion, according to relevant legislation, one must have his first wife‘s written approval if he wants to have another wife!


(To be continued)

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