Dong Liang One Day at Shanghai Fashion Week


I spent less time in Shanghai in recent years. Having not gone shopping for a long time, I went to K11 at Huaihai Zhong Road and saw the Shanghai Fashion Week. K11 seems operating quite successful now – attracts most young people here.


Dong Liang One Day, presentation of Shanghai Fashion Week  is very similar to the fashion activities I attended in New York and London now – except for majority of the participants are Chinese. If China never opens its immigration policy and welcomes talents from other countries, Shanghai will never become a real international city.


Design of Deepmoss – take a look the latest Chinese designer’s work.


Designs of several independent designers on ‘Dong Liang One Day’ @ Shanghai Fashion Week. Specialty store is developing rapidly in China in recent 5 years. Dongliang is one of the best in China now. This kind of retail form is very hot now in China – though I personally suspect how many of them will still survive 5 to 10 years later. The problem of doing business in China is – once a model (or a product) turns to be successful, everyone follows/copies it. Particularly I don’t think we have enough good Chinese fashion designers who can support the rapid expansion of the specialty stores. Overseas fashion designers shall explore more opportunities in China!


It is very clever for Babyghost to fuse the West and East in this way. The style seems very suitable for Asian girls, though it seems that only people with a slim and flat figure like me can wear their clothes.


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