Some Thoughts on Fashion Week

Fashion Week today is becoming a celebrity show rather than “fashion” show. Seems like press is more interested in the first row instead of the clothing itself. In China, the Fashion Week prior to 2005 was merely a self-entertaining practice – most presenting designers were just “show” designers (means they did not have stores), most audiences were media and ordinary audience. People watched the show like they were watching a movie or an opera. Having said that, Chinese fashion designers would not have attained current fame and reputation if without these years of self-entertaining practices.

Obviously, Fashion Week stimulates the development of local culture and The hospitality and tourism industry of the “big 4” Fashion Week are greatly impacted by the Fashion Week thereby. However, the huge cost invested in a 15-minute fashion show is the other side of the coin. Is it really worthy to invest millions on a short-show? Though it seems like a routine now to make big investments for a one-time decoration, but actually static shows or simple staging can also showcase the designs itself. Why do we need an extravagant show to present a set of clothing? Looks to me the form of the show weights over its content today. Extravagant theatrical performance creates the excitement but only for 15 minutes, but it does not help to sell the clothing much. What is the value of doing so?

China Fashion Week and Shanghai Fashion Week finally established their own signature, the former one focuses on the established brands and the latter one promotes the emerging designers. But I don’t understand why second-third-level cities like Ningbo, Qingdao, Chongqing, Humen and even many other third-tier cities also followed to host Fashion Week too. Competition between cities?

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