A Fashion Night In Shanghai


The party of specialty boutique BLANK. Shanghai is becoming another NYC – the same fashionable people, the same sophisticated lifestyle and endless parties.



The owner of @BLANK @JiJi is also one of the interviewed designers in my book #China Fashion #Conversations With Designers#. I had the honor of meeting some of the most outstanding designers in China. JiJi was chosen because he is the one who has the best business acumen. Starting from offering design service to @Nike and @Coca Cola, he later created his own brand @Hipanda and now BLANK.


Lifestyle store is also in trend in cosmopolitan city like Shanghai now.


Uooyaa store in Xintiandi @Shanghai. I think this is going to be one of the most successful Chinese designers’ brands in the coming ten years. Uooyaa is a very earthy brand, featured with bright color and graphic design. The creator used to be the chief designer of @Meters Bonwe, the largest casual brands in China. After graduating from Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, he joined Meters Bonwe when it was started from zero, until the company was listed on the stock market.

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