Views| Is the Victoria’s Secret show an erotic show? How to treat the comment by Hung Huang?

By Christine Tsui

Translated by Rachel


Recently Hung Huang said on her micro blog that “The Victoria’s Secret Show is just an erotic show, relying on objectifying women and fulfilling the show with stars to seemingly increase its value.”. What does this statement really reflect? I want to say something about my view.

Actually, I don’t agree with Hung’s comments at all. (Any justified disapproval is welcomed; but all the other views without arguments are nonsense!)

The comparison of the Victoria’s Secret Show to an erotic show entirely reveals the viewer’s own mentality. The metaphor is similar to the ideology in 1980s, that any naked women or sculptures are supposed to be porn. The elegant arts sometimes have little discrepancy with vulgar businesses in somebody’s view!

According to Hung’s logic, almost all the fashion shows would be eroticism, for most of the time the models expose their thighs and shoulders. So, what’s the point for those editors, journalists, buyers, stars, going over to the show only for the flesh? Why are there so many designers diligent in producing new styles all the year?

So, please don’t humiliate the fashion industry! Don’t reckon the fashion industry practitioners as shallow crowds. Under the veil of fashion, there are indeed extravagant guys, hypocrisy ones and womanizers. But they are minority in the fashion world. The majority, just like any other industries, would work hard to devote themselves to the job they love and earn the money they deserve!

Although the products of VS are in quite low quality, and the organization of the showcase this year is said to be a mess, but the production and professionalism of the show itself should not be in doubt. The professional level of the models (except for someone) is also the world-class. But Hung’s comment completely diminishes the professional devotions of the directors, models, musicians, dressers, stage designers and even audience. What backs the fantasy show is the decades of consistent efforts of these people!

The fashion industry is easily to be misunderstood. Outsiders always hold two extreme views of the industry. Some people admire at fashion for working with stars, wearing fancy clothes and participating in the noble parties or something like that, when the other disdain it, for they think fashion is only extravagance.

In fact, the industry is neither that enviable nor that shallow.

The fashion world is essentially a female world. In this industry, eighty to ninety percent are women. Meanwhile, female consumers are the major forces of fashion consumption market. In fashion history, the woman once indeed was the role of “the object consumed by men”, in other words, dressing up only to please the man, in a certain period. But how many women nowadays can not survive if they do not want to please the man?

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