Q&A| Is it true that a Chanel cloth worth 35000 yuan will be thrown away after being worn only once?

By Christine Tsui

Translated by Rachel Wang


A question from Zhihu:

Is it true that a Chanel cloth worth 35000 yuan will be thrown away after being worn only once? (According to the following microblog)

The original micro-blog:

Poverty has limited my imagination… The rich do not consider how to wash the clothes at all:


When I worked in a dry-cleaning shop, a guest took a Chanel coat worth over 600,000 yen (about 35,000 RMB). But it was faded after washing, so the guest complained us. We called the after-sales service center of Chanel, only to get an answer that “we have never taken washing into the consideration of designs.” … which means that the customers would throw it away after wearing the coat a few times… I could do nothing but be stricken dumb with the rich world…

In my opinion, even if the condition in the microblog is true, it at least should not be a common issue.

As a practitioner working in the garment industry for so many years, I know that none of the clothing brands dare to claim 100% reliable quality, for the quality inspection rate of clothing products could never reach 100%, but only in a certain proportion. So, sometimes the quality problems are possible.

As far as I concern, even if all the luxury brands in the world have quality problems, Chanel must be the last one of them.

  1. Old brand as Chanel is, reputation and quality are more important than anything else. Although, in general, the high-end product quality has regressed in many ways (such as the loss of some craft techniques for haute-couture). Chanel, in terms of either quality or service, however, is still the best of luxury brands.
  2. Most people probably know little about the staff training in luxury companies. Almost every company has staff training, but that of the luxury brands is much superior, especially in the training of front-line salespeople and VIP customer service staff. In most stores of common brands, if customers have any question to ask the clerks about price, dress material, washing methods or inventory, I dare to guarantee that nine times out of ten the clerks would know nothing unless to read over the tags or check in the system, let along their knowledge of clothes matching, fashion stories or brand history. But the service in luxury stores could be totally different. Of course, nothing could be absolutely, for I have also experienced poor service in luxury stores. , the salespeople of luxury stores have a better understanding of the products and services than the other sales staff. After all, the trainings are different. For the simplest example, if a customer enters the store, what distance to be kept is appropriate? It would be rude to be too close, for the customer feels overlooked to be followed closely. But too far, the customer would feel that the attention to himself/herself is not enough.
  3. Besides, it is unique for Chanel that it has not been listed yet. So objectively, it bears less performance pressure than LVMH or Kering. As a result, its marketing strategies are understated but luxurious, rather than extravagant and thunderous like other brands. The reason why I mention this factor here is that the quality usually gets worse when a brand is particularly eager to expand and gain in a short time. The too rapid development consumes the energy and time to ensure the product quality. Without this problem, Chanel’s strategy has always been steady, in some cases, too conservative in my point of view, which has made it miss some market opportunities (such as the opportunity to switch to a younger market). But maybe that is exactly why it can endure in a long time. So, I believe that the quality problem mentioned in the microblog could not a common issue for Chanel.
  4. Does the situation exist? Would the rich throw the cloth only worn once? The answer is yes, but mainly for the super riches in the Middle East (the biggest consumers of luxury goods in the world). Because their wealth is mostly easy money. So sometimes they have dropped the clothes to the laundry, they don’t even have a desire to get the garments back. Therefore, they really don’t care about the quality.


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