What Are the Current Development Status and Trends of Short Video Entrepreneurship? How Can It Be Better Integrated with the Fashion Industry? 

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What Are the Current Development Status and Trends of Short Video Entrepreneurship? How Can It Be Better Integrated with the Fashion Industry?

Discussion of Tang Yu, etc.


Why do we discuss the importance of short video entrepreneurship, fashion and related industries? Since short video entered the public in 2015, it has continuously become an important part of the development of original media content creators. From December 13, 2016, Wechat Moments developed the function of uploading 10-second video, which further indicates that Wechat Moment has also realized the importance of short videos.


What Are Short Video’s Advantages as a Start-up Business?

Since the short video entered the public in 2015, it has continuously become an important part of the development of original media creators. The cases of Papi Jiang and Gu Amo can be credited to be relatively successful in the development of short videos in recent years. For other countries, YouTube, with short videos as the main form content presentation, has become the second largest search engine. This form of viewing anytime, anywhere, and completing the content in just a few minutes meets people’s needs in their fast-paced life today.

The shortness of short video is relative. The short here mostly means faster than the movie expression, more direct than the text expression, and relatively shorter and richer than the programs we have encountered before short video. In fact, although many short videos seem to be short, they are the result of the selection of the best ones. The advantage of short video is that it can fully meet the requirements of people in the modern world to extract information in fragmented time. In the shortest possible time, sharing the most effective and attractive content can make consumers and viewers understand more directly what the product and broadcaster in the video conveys. In fact, it is a greater testament of the editing skills of video shooters and editing abilities of content providers. If we are consumers, we may have an invisible sense of security for businesses or media that provide short videos and feel that this product or brand is more authentic and trustworthy, and we can also gain the information we want more directly in videos than text or pictures. In the entertainment era, brands from all industries are competing for user attention in the hope of obtaining faster and more direct user feedback for product improvement–including the current barrage function, they are all developed to meet everyone’s feedbacks and wills towards the unilateral output of media. At the same time, short videos can also satisfy consumers’ desire for peep, display and their curiosity, as well as everyone’s pursuit of beauty, promoting the evolution of interaction. Snapchat’s successful listing in the United States is due to people’s favor for short videos. The fashion industry has begun to pay attention to this form, alsp because it can transmit fashion brands and creator’s ideas to viewers in the shortest possible time through these short and refined videos, so as to seek the sense of recognitionand cooperation opportunities.

Indeed, compared with text, short videos are more penetrating and convenient for users to experience and understand. Compared to movies, the requirements of short videos are simpler, making it easier to operate. It applies direct audiovisual methods, rich content elements, and entertainment narrative techniques to communicate to the user effectively about the message you want to deliver, thereby establishing a close connection between the audience and the creator. In addition, compared with text, the interaction between the short video and the user has a higher level of attraction, and it is more penetrating than text, which is convenient for experiencing and understanding. As the pace of modern life is getting increasingly fast, the time that people are willing to spend on texts is decreasing. The original interaction model can no longer satisfy the audience. While accepting media expressions, everyone also hopes to hear their own voices, which is why the interaction attraction level that users demand towards various media forms is becoming higher.


What Preliminary Preparations are Required to Make a Short Video?

At present, due to the popularity of short videos, many people believe that the threshold of short videos is very low, which may lead to an overcrowded but low-quality output. Some people may mistakenly believe that the starter requirements for short videos are high, which makes them scared to try. In face of the two disparate perceptions, what exactly do we need to do if we want to do well at short videos?

I think it’s important to firstly have some basic video knowledge– basic video knowledge and the ability to tell stories “picture by picture”. Take the example of Papi Jiang–Although there was no team behind her in the early stage, with a certain film and editing expertise, she could record her own clips and get high ratings without a team. At present, many short video producers do not have this knowledge. Therefore, these video contents are just recording journals, or they are just aimed to highlight the dynamic picture effect regardless of the inherent content of the video.

The second point is to have ideas–the core creative design. It is not easy to achieve consistent output, which requires good ideas and creativity, without which it will only be overwhelmed by the work of other creators.

The third point is the conscious conversion of text logic to video logic. Since the expression method and structure of text and video different, to gain traffic through short videos, it is important to pay attention to your own expression- expression with a purpose will make it easier for the audience to understand.

The fourth aspect is the positioning of the audience for video distribution and the choice of the delivery platform.

Apart from these four, the quality of the video is also the basis. However, many people believe that the most difficult part of short video is the post-production and processing. Although nowadays many Apps can edit and add special effects to videos, this is supposed be suitable for individuals with limited funds or without special training in video production, saving them a lot of troubles. As long-term videos with content and connotation, in terms of editing methods, techniques and packaging, they should not totally rely on the apps. It is also necessary to learn and understand professional video post-editing software, or to establish a team after developing into a larger scale.

Generally, companies with short video content have their own post-teams, and the pay terms for post-editors may vary in different companies. However, Papi Jiang, who became extremely popular through her short video content creation, did not have a good editing at first—it was just average. The fact that she became popular through editing the long videos she saved without a team manifests that content and creativity are more important in short video contents.


Where Does the Commercial Demand for Short Videos Come from?

The demand for short videos mainly comes from several aspects. The first is the advertising companies in the market. Since the cost of short videos has now declined, most companies can afford it, including many small companies. While this market will be popular for some time, at the same time, it also encounters the problem of uneven industry. Today’s advertisement requires more skills and tricks. Spreading through short videos on food or social platforms is a common way for them.

The second is the major self-media platforms and their corresponding users. Individual short videos have a lot to do with your content and the people you target. Although part of the needs of ordinary users may be blind, there are also those directly targeted at consumer groups. Another large part is targeting at franchisees. A media practitioner used to analyze that except for the 20% of his videos viewers who truly understood and supported him, the remaining 80% of his reposts came from average users.

After all, the popularity of short videos is not only the demand of the market, but also the need of the era, consumers and users. For many companies, their largest motivation of making short videos is profit, which comes from their target consumers. When the early network technology was still in the 2G and 3G era, users might be satisfied with graphic content with shorter loading times. However, with the continuous emergence of various beauty software, consumers have become skeptical of the authenticity of pictures in graphic content. Through the emergence and presentation of short videos, on the other hand, despite post adjustments, users will still believe that to a certain extent, the authenticity of this dynamic form is higher than graphic content, which also applies to the following popularity of livestream. Therefore, brands have noticed this, and use this method as a carrier to impress consumers, gain their trust, and thus gain market access.


Short Videos and Fashion Industry

What is the status quo and future of the fashion industry under short video marketing? Short video is a trend in itself, to which the fashion industry is also adapting. Video advertising has always been an effective tool for major fashion businesses. But now the fashion industry is no longer limited to video advertising on large platforms or mainstream media. The fact that Everyone has extended from posting short videos of clothes and shoes on Weibo and Wechat Moments to now, when they spend more time introducing product content through livestream is essentially an extension of the length and depth of the video. The purpose is to generate more direct, effective and face-to-face communications with fans and customers, hence achieving information sharing, fashion dissemination, and emotional interaction.

The development of the Internet promotes short video as its inevitable product. Basically, none of the brands or industries does not take video. Short videos are different from advertisements. The purpose of advertisements is to attract interest, while short videos can tell brand stories. For example, there was some time when major luxury brands use short videos for branding. For example, Independent and Energetic Women from Dior and Inside Chanel from Chanel tell brand stories through a series of exquisite short videos. Rebecca Minkoff in the United States is also very successful in short video. Reposting interesting short videos on Wechat Moments can promote the products to a certain extent. As for the short film clips of brands that are currently dropped in Wechat Moments, there tend to be a lot of people who pay attention to and like them. This phenomenon of short videos on Wechat Moments has become a trend for promotion, and a lot of accounts have even started selling clothes through short videos on Sina Weibo. A lot of Wechat sellers have also switched from posting pictures to recording small videos. Especially for the clothing industry, the dynamic effect of models in the clothes is be better than pictures. In fact, it is not difficult to conclude a trend from this: nowadays, fashion and technology are more and more closely connected, and in the future, it may be possible to order through one direct click on the video. Short videos and the fashion industry are bound to be connected together as well.

The medium of communication changes with technology, and how to be in the spotlight is the eternal topic in terms of promotion. Nowadays, WIFI is available everywhere, traffic is cheap, and the form of expression for small videos is rich (combination of audio and visual), which can better enable people to obtain information in videos. Individuals are more willing to choose to see what is conveyed in the video when the texts appear to be simple and boring, on which people are reluctant to spend more time. Now that short videos are becoming popular, everyone is more willing to produce content through it. Therefore, many apps have currently developed the function of short video. In addition to short videos, live streaming has also become popular among brands in the fashion industry, becoming a recent hot spot with a lot of traffic. The Internet is developing rapidly, so it is reasonable that we believe that before VR, the combination of the fashion industry and short video will only be closer. If hardware peripherals can be popularized in the future, the close cooperation between VR and fashion industry will definitely be the trend.

When it comes to the combination of short videos and fashion industry, the first thing that comes to my mind is to express people’s concern vividly through graphics and pictures, such as “Feidieshuo”, which makes you feel that knowledge has never been more interesting. There are also storytelling models like “Yitiao” and “Ergeng” that will also intrigue readers. Video is more direct than words, pictures, and audios, making people feel that learning is also like watching a movie, immersing you into knowledge unconsciously. For example, the official account “Bigger Institute” is to deliver some interesting knowledge of the popular stuff to everyone through video clips. Recently, it has been talking about the collision of a bag from a famous brand with IKEA. It has also talked about some Western etiquette or cocktail knowledge before, which were also great.

Short clips with stories are the most attractive for people; with a good story, the shooting can even be done through the phone. In addition to the content of the short video itself, the repost and discussion on short videos is usually a geometric multiple compared with the text, so deep interaction is important. How to generate interaction? Videos can include links, or it is necessary that interactive nodes are set up on the content, or more directly, set giveaways lotteries for reposts—all these methods can make your short video content interact with users. In addition, you might be able to gain different perspectives through a readership and better communication with readers. Interaction brings traffic growth. In addition to traffic conversion, advertising is one of the biggest profit points for short videos. Miaopai is a good short video business model. With an ecological combination with Weibo, it has become the largest short video platform on IResearch through its good capital performance, large user group, and strong distribution capabilities.


How to Maintain Mass Production of High-quality Content?

How to maintain mass production of premium content? I believe this is important to everyone who cares about the future development of the industry. Compared with text-based creation, the production cost of short videos is relatively high, and professionalism is not guaranteed. Even some TV station teams are unable to provide sufficient high-quality short video content.

For a consistent high-quality content, I believe that two aspects needs to be clear:

  1. What kind of content can the creative team present?
  2. What kind of content does the target audience need?

Arranging contents in an organized way based on correct self-positioning is the basis for achieving sustainable output of high-quality content. But more often than not, it is an ideal goal to ensure that each issue can meet the standards of everyone with its high quality. Since different audiences have various understandings towards the definition of “high quality”, based on these two aspects, if the content or idea you intend to convey can be perceived by the viewers, then it is of high quality. Appropriate contents delivered to the target audiences is good content for them. Usually, it takes experience to choose a topic with traffic; it might happen that only 20% of people really understand you, but the repost can come from the remaining 80%, which manifests the importance of selecting a topic.

Is it necessary to try niche subjects? Is it required to catch popular hot spots? Niche subjects have their own demand groups, and it is also feasible to follow hot spots as a pitch point for niche topics. The application of hotspots can bring traffic to other contents, and unpopular topics can catch people’s attention. Sometimes popular themes cannot ignite everyone’s enthusiasm, but rather, niche topics are impressive. Although the audience for niche subjects is small, this is exactly a testament to the low video production cost threshold and fast transmission speed of short videos. However, professionalism is also a solid foundation for fast communication. Most of the major official accounts that are doing well on WeChat are media practitioner. Why? profession! Those who handle short videos well are also usually professionals and teams. This is because short videos are not only a tool for learning, but also a tool for communication. The effect of communication is hardly related to the acceptance of the audience, but rather, to the professionalism of the producer. However, the cost for high-quality short videos is often high, which is difficult for average teams to achieve.

As entrepreneurial contents, short videos have strong penetrability and high level of interactive attraction. Fashion industry can provide the audience with the matching contents and product features in a direct, diverse, entertaining and effective way through the vivid combination of videos, words and audio, establishing a close connection between the audience and the creator. Meanwhile, the establishment of a deeper and more effective interactive interface with readers can realize direct and effective face-to-face communication with fans, so as to achieve information sharing, fashion dissemination, and emotional interaction. The trend of fashion industry marketing through short videos is irreversible and will intensify in the future. We can also predict that the fashion industry will be more closely integrated with technology in the future.

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