How Can Merchants Use the Beauty Of Fashion To Win The Favor Of Consumers?

Participant: LengYun Fashion Group 5

Time: 2021-05-29

Moderator – Yolanda – Fashion Editor in Beijing


Fashion is a mystery? What is the disturbing fashion world talking about? What does a brand rely on to capture the consumers’ hearts?

What is the beauty of fashion?

1. Do you want to buy “clothing” or “fashion”?

Audience ZhangNan: I think fashion can be a work of art, but also can be a general item, which is not contradictory.

Audience Wang Xin Zhi: Designers put flat textile semi-finished products, slowly step by step into clothing works of art.

Audience Carrier: They have boundaries in my heart. Fashion and fashion are a combination of art and business, but they can also be pure art.

LengYun: Have you ever known about consumer perspectives? Do they think there is a difference between “clothing” and “fashion”? What’s the difference? Or do you think the two can be confused? Academically, the definitions of the two are also controversial. But on the whole, most scholars agree with the meaning of fashion add-on clothing “symbol”, that is, ordinary people say “spiritual” meaning. Clothing more represents the “material” level. But not everyone agrees.

Audience Jessy: I also agree that the spirit of a garment, intangible value than a piece of material is greater.

Moderator: Clothing occasions: schools, workplaces, parties, wedding banquets, vacations, football fields, ethnic, national occasions, etc. Role: office worker, housewife/husband, pregnant woman, etc. I understand that clothing is a person’s identity symbol. In the abstract, clothing is a tool for distinguishing between human attributes. In short, distinguish between social attributes (professional clothing), gender attributes (male/female/child), etc.

Fashion means that “when the collective represented by ‘I’ and ‘we’ appears to be out of step. “Ununity” is the disunity with social requirements, not with tradition, inherent forms, and the public aesthetic is not unified.

For example, Vivienne Westwood, the mother of punk, wore a hole-in-one T-shirt, metal zippers, obscure slogans, and a bra outside her coat. Maison Margiela presents the garment’s consistently hidden interior. “Ununity” is the disunity with social requirements, not with tradition, inherent forms, and the public aesthetic is not unified. For example, in student days, long hair with slippers and pajamas to go shopping.

In other words, fashion in my opinion represents “personality,” “unique,” “unique,” “innovative” and so on.

2. When did the beauty of fashion begin?

Moderator: The beauty referred to here is not “decoration” but “aesthetic”.

LengYun: Is that to trace back to when “fashion” started? What if we all agree that fashion itself represents the spirit? How do you define beauty? As for the origins of fashion, the academic interpretation is different. If we think that fashion has symbolic significance, then there is a difference from feudal society. If you look at history, different classes have different costumes to represent different meanings. This time can also be regarded as “fashion”. In general, HAUTE COUTURE is seen in the industry as the beginning of contemporary fashion. This is to see from the sociology to explore, or fashion clothing itself to talk about or from the origin of the word “fashion”. The definition of fashion here is “fashionable” and “trending”, which began in China with the Tang Dynasty’s Bai Juyi’s “Time Makeup”. “Beauty” generally refers to the spirit of pleasure, which is more colloquially speaking. But at the philosophical level it has many meanings but not in the scope of what we’re talking about today.

Moderator: The so-called aesthetic is the process of perceiving beauty, all the fashion that can produce beauty in people’s psychological situation, so I think the “fashion beauty” produced by the conditions for two: First, fashion-inspired me, meaning to fit my time, cultural background, and even “I” identity, “I” preferences. Second, I realized the fun of fashion, meaning that I understand the history of fashion, background, and inspiration concept. The beauty of fashion is a kind of chance, the accident behind the understanding of beauty and the unconscious connection of life, these understanding and connection into sewing thread. This occasional appearance, we also call inspiration.

Audience Wang Xinzhi: Fashion can be divided into diversifications.

How designers create a sense of beauty

1. How did the designer’s inspiration come about?

Designers’ pursuit of beauty comes first and forest. Inspiration is the beginning of all designs. For example, what can you think of flowers?

Audience Nangua: Nature, outdoors, vacations, healing… After the outbreak, I was particularly eager for something to soothe my body and mind. In terms of color, I prefer some of the most uplifting, healthy life colors.

Audience Wang Xinzhi: Nature, outdoor brand positioning (mission, willingness).

Audience Ok: My favorite style of creation lately is to “anthropomorphize” fashion with the inspiration of vintage shoes or paintings. In my favorite style now, I might make a cherry blossom collection and make an improved kimono.

Audience Panda: The color match of the flowers.

Moderator: “Flowers” begins with bloom to withering, then the process of petal shrinkage, followed by shape: gather, shrink, wither… Finally, the color from bright to dim, and even the last silence. Let’s take a look at Alexander McQueen’s “Endangered Flowers” collection.

2. Imagine you are a designer, what theme would you use as your creative theme?

AudienceOk: As far as my brand is concerned, the spring and summer products we are recently developing are a combination of Chinese wind and punk, belonging to the French elegant and stylish light lolita.

Audience Panda: I’ll think about referencing the style of the hairstyle to the design theme of the dress.

Moderator: That’s great! From the theme of hairstyle, I can think of: gradient, cascading, irregular hem.

Audience Wang Xinzhi: Clothing is also a gradient, dyeing fashion style. Organic ecology, grass and wood dyeing is also an important trend in future development.

Audience Nangua: Natural dye dyeing can carry forward traditional crafts, sustainability is also an important point in the future trend.

Moderator: Let me give you an example of how we think about design themes by using the “Light” series themes I used to do:

“Light” → daylight at first glance→ summer is full of sunlight→ the harsh light refracted on the metal.

“Shadow” → floating light skimmed over the → fleeting → mottled light and shadow.

How merchants attract “us” with beauty

1. Do you have any shops that you like best?

Audience Nangua: There is a brand called Ban Xiaoxue. Every time I go shopping, I feel like I’m crossing time and space and forgetting that I’m in the mall.

2. What did the brand capture the heart me?

  • Create an atmosphere

Moderator:  Lights, displays, display racks, carpets, smell and more are all building the brand’s unique atmosphere. Every detail exists to reinforce the concept of the brand.

Audience Panda: More impressive is the DUOZOULU store. The white booths are neatly lined with every pair of shoes as if they were on display, and the shop has a bit of technology.

Audience Nangua: I feel that I am attracted to brands such as Ban Xiaoxue because of the overall atmosphere of my visual enjoyment, as well as its products expressed cultural ideas and innovative spirit. They allow me to fully enjoy the different beauty and produce happiness, and then the beauty of the brand has a desire to continue to pursue exploration.

Moderator: I take Maison Margiela as an example and analyze their brand stores. The furniture in their shop has irregular geometry as if deliberately straying from the shape of the rules. In a physical store, walls and columns connect, but individuals of the building are separated. White walls, if touched by hand, will find that the walls consciously retain the natural texture of the plaster. These designs are echoing their brand’s design language, deconstruction, lining exposed, and so on are used.

  • Make a story

Moderator: Only brands that tell stories attract people who listen to them. Give a product a story and stimulate the desire to consume. ACNE is a T-shirt, sometimes a T-shirt with family ties, and sometimes a T-shirt for an irregular family.

Audience Nangua: In fact, this brand I will see if he’s single and matching can help my series to sell. There is no more to delve deeper into the meaning.

Moderator: But what I hope is that when we present a single item, we will not only talk about “good fabric”, “color match” and “just the right size”, but will explore it as a philosophy of art.

  • Create a topic

Audience Panda: It feels like a lot of brands are inviting stars to the catwalk now.

Audience Nangua: There are designer brands, after all, traffic first.

Moderator: For example, the unsuccessful Burberry and “King Glory” to launch online game skin, is a cross-border collab. When we talk around a product, in addition to the product itself, there is its “gossip”, these are the brand to “create” the topic.

Audience Nangua: Now there is some virtual net red, young people also like.

Open discussion

  1. Is fashion the art of the masses, or the entertainment of the niche?

Moderator: Fashion is designed for the marginalized to get the satisfaction of the masses, but often the two can not be both.

Audience OK: It is a niche, the public for the time being still can appreciate identity, not enough spending power.

Moderator: There are still some historical cultural and economic limitations.

Audience Nangua: I belong to the mass majority, after all, I am the fast fashion business design practitioner, especially the minority things may not all I am interested in. To be honest, some niche brands may just think that in his field, he’s expressing his ideas and ideas very well. Each personal experience and state are different, for me, for the niche brand I can only appreciate, and can only stop here, and there is no expectation of further exploration, so let alone go up to spend.

Moderator’s Summary

First, do not understand the fashion

1. Buy clothes or fashion Clothing is a tool that distinguishes between human attributes. In short, distinguish between social attributes (professional clothing) and ethical attributes (male/female/child). (1) Vivienne Westwood, the mother of punk, wore a hole-in-one T-shirt, metal zippers, obscure slogans, and a bra outside her coat.

(2) Maison Margiela’s always-hidden interior craftsmanship is presented. Clothing is the unity of spirit and materiality.

 2. When did fashion beauty begin? The beauty referred to here is not “decoration” but “aesthetic”. The so-called aesthetic is the process of perceiving beauty, all the fashion that can produce beauty often corresponds to the psychological situation, so I think there are two conditions for “fashion beauty”: (1) Fashion inspired me; (2) I realized the fun of fashion.

Second, the design team’s day-to-day management designer is thinking

1. How inspiration comes about Inspiration is the beginning of all designs, take flowers as an example.

2. Imagine what you will create for the subject matter Light and Shadow.

Third, design planning “what” “we” purchase

1. Is there any favorite one to visit? Acne Studios, Gucci, Balenciaga, JNBY, icicle.

2. What did the brand capture my heart? (1) make a topic; (2) make a story; (3) create an atmosphere.

Fourth, open discussion

Is fashion the art of the masses, or is it the entertainment of the niche? Fashion is designed for the marginalized to get the satisfaction of the masses, but often the two can not be both.

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