Dive Into the World of Simulated Fashion Jewelry Together

Participant: LengYun Fashion Group 3

Time: 2021-6-12

Moderator: Lovelyn – Shanghai – Jewelry Design


I believe all girls will love beautiful jewelry, which is never enough in your closet. Let’s explore the beauty of fashion jewelry and understand its safety and business value.

Simulated Fashion Jewelry Definitions and Common Product Categories

  1. What is simulated jewelry?

Moderator: What is jewelry like in everyone’s eyes?

Audience Eileen: I like minimalist ones.

Audience Juju: The highlight of bling-bling is to match the artifacts.

Moderator: All girls will love beautiful jewelry, just like the one in the closet that is never too much. Not only with artifacts, but also a good helper to enhance temperament. Simulation jewelry is mentioned in the outline, and the jewelry we are talking about tonight is fashion jewelry, non-precious metal jewelry, which is what we usually call fashion jewelry.

Audience White: I think jewelry is a “beware machine” to add highlights to yourself.

Audience Eileen: It’s the finishing touch, but it’s just right to be eye-catching.

Audience Kafka: Swarovski is fashion jewelry, isn’t it?

Moderator: It is a brand. It is fashion jewelry, generally, this brand to do real gold products can also be summed up as real jewelry category.

Audience White: Does fashion jewelry include precious metal jewelry?

Moderator: A simple definition is called “fashion accessories”. Simulated jewelry refers to small items for personal wear, such as rings, bracelets, bracelets (except watch straps), collars, earrings, brooches, etc., and these items do not contain precious metals or precious metals (except plating or accessories). Simulation jewelry is mainly made of base metal products, as well as for non-metallic materials. Gold, sterling silver, platinum metal in the range of precious metals, summarized as real jewelry. We’re talking about fashions that are more non-precious, more for everyday use, and suitable for all ages.

  • Common product categories

Moderator: What are the product categories that you often know?

Audience White: Here refers to simulation jewelry is base metal products, so-called base metals, refers to copper, iron, aluminum.

Moderator: Yes, we generally do not attribute copper iron to zinc alloys to precious metals. But Chinese customs classify “copper” as a precious metal export. The cost of copper is in the middle, such as gold and zinc alloys in the middle.

Audience Lilly: At present, the market fashion jewelry metal materials mainly brass, alloy based. Audience Eileen: We do designer brands or use brass in the majority.

Audience White: Feel the public daily use more necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and some hair cards. Audience Juju: Bracelets, rings, badges.

Audience melons: It is also common to add a layer of clinging to a bright silver accessory, which is made of brass as the main material.

Audience amin: Brass gold plated for about the same price as silver jewelry. Copper prices have risen so much this year that suppliers are raising prices.

Moderator: Light luxury, are real gold plated. Let me summarize our common categories, by location and style: (1) Necklace (neck chain); (2) Bracelets and foot chains, usually consisting of main chains, tail chains, various small connectors (e.g. lobster buckles, spring buckles, etc.) and pendants (castings) inlaid with gemstones; (3) Earring earrings (S925 silver needle medical stainless steel ear needle imitation allergy); (4) Brooch ring, divided into fixed size (Fixed Size American size 6-7-8-9-10) and adjustable size ring.

Nowadays we make adjustable rings, which do not have a fixed size (need to buy different models also worry about different sizes), buyers can also reduce procurement costs. The above two pictures are the kind of thing that looks adjustable.

Basic commonly used materials for jewelry

  1. Metal materials

Moderator: What do you know about non-precious metal fashion jewelry materials?

Audience Queeni: Copper, alloys.

Audience Becky: Silver, alloy.

Audience AliceLiu: Titanium steel.

  • Non-metallic materials

Moderator: I have a friend to do 3D printing research and development, it is more expensive than opened the version, cost-effectiveness is not high. Lilly also mentioned brass as the most used material. Light luxury products will use brass.

Audience Queeni: Yes, we sometimes make buttons, which means that brass embryos are more expensive than alloys.

Moderator: Zinc alloy is based on zinc to add other elements of the alloy, this material can do whatever shape you want, can do any customer wants the color of electroplating, cheap.

Audience Sandy: See often buy jewelry, the material is written: “copper plated 18K gold.”

Audience Eileen: The studio I work in is copper-plated 18k gold. But customers always react that copper will turn green, all think it is discolored.

Audience White: Copper green? This is the material in a specific environment for a long time.

Audience Lilly: It should be the electroplating ingredients and human sweat contact after this situation.

Moderator: Basic copper and alloys are mainstream materials. General plating is real gold rarely discolored. This is discussed in the later color preservation section.

Audience Sandy: Is 18K gold real gold?

Moderator: The main material is 18K gold even.

Audience Lilly: We used to mainly zinc alloy-based, after because according to market demand, and increased brass, brass currently accounted for 80%.

Audience melons:

Moderator: The above summarizes the common metal materials are brass, alloy, stainless steel, iron. Non-metallic materials are: plastic and rubber products, such as sub -(press) gram resin, soft pottery, CCB, imitation pearls, etc., as well as pipe beads, silicone, imitation stone, rabbit hairball. Glass drills have crystals, imitation Swarovski crystals, glass, cat-eye stones and so on.

Audience Eileen: We were going to develop a lot of black-plated models that were super fast to color. Moderator: There may also be no color protection, we generally gilded products, with 2-3 years no problem. I have a lot of jewelry; real gold will not lose color. General simulation jewelry, the plating layer thickness of 1-2 s.

Audience Lilly: Paint or nano-protection for high temperatures.

Audience Queeni: I’ve heard from a fellow jewelry company who says their jewelry is coated at 3′ so they don’t lose color easily.

Audience White: Microns, 1 sm, 1 x 10-6m.

  1. Natural materials

Moderator: We also use natural materials, such as natural stones, synthetic stones, pine stones, zircon. True gold is generally plated 2.5-3 s, this is the market, if you want to plate thick, some customers require plating plant plating 2-3 s.

Audience AliceLiu: There’s a lot of zircon.

Moderator: When it comes to zircon, I can share a picture.

Zircon generally requires professional tools to see, mainly gloss and cut surface. Zircon, diamonds, Mossan diamonds under the microscope, the general naked eye is difficult to distinguish, can only see brightness and cut. This picture was used for reference in our training before, and our tools couldn’t be taken. Which involves a special zircon call that needs to be subdivided, after all, and shape also has a relationship.

The Problem of Electroplating Color In Jewelry

  1. What is plating?

Moderator: Because of the time relationship, we went on to discuss the issue of plating color preservation. Do you usually buy jewelry that fades a lot?

Audience melons: The non-metallic things I bought fade a lot. Mainly I wear a bath, perhaps shower gel these are more harmful to non-metallic. The metal part of the accessory is not clear why, wash and sleep I take off, or will fade.

Audience Kafka: I have a beautiful diamond ring, feel the silver part also has scratches, do not know whether it is usually wearing the reason for washing hands.

Moderator: Because I only do export, our products are color protection in 6 months to 2 years, I can not imagine our wearing will fade so much. I own a lot of jewelry, I can wear 2 years no problem, this maintenance also have a relationship. Let me intersperse the little knowledge of everyday wear.

Audience Kafka: It seems that whatever is plated, avoid the above several matters.

Audience melons: There will also be chronic oxidation in the air.

Audience White: I think so, the general precious metal oxidation speed is relatively slow. Sterling silver will gradually turn black, lively metal will not mention, but the alloy should be much better.

Moderator: Try to put the box when you don’t use it, the best maintenance. Only people know about plating, but has anyone thought about the principle of plating? Electroplating is the process of attaching a metal film to the surface of a metal or other material component by electrolysis, which is a more complex process. It not only protects the metal surface of the jewelry but also makes the surface of metal jewelry more beautiful. A layer of metallic plating can change the color and brightness of the ornament (there is a brightener in the plating solution.

Audience Queeni: How does plating preserve color? Good plating process, what’s the difference?

Audience Eileen: We made electroplating black before and fell very fast. We now want to do vacuum plating, but the vacuum plating of copper says that nickel must be bottomed, nickel is harmful to the body. Brands around them have begun to study stainless steel vacuum plating.

Audience amin: The best plating in China is in Dongguan. Vacuum plating is expensive and has no other problems.

Audience Eileen: Expensive is good, the main copper vacuum plating to first hit the bottom nickel, we do not dare to use nickel because it is harmful to human health. But the vacuum-plated color is nice.


Because a lot of people may have been to the plating plant, I’ll share some of the main pictures to help you understand.

Audience amin: We make bags, and hardware is electroplated.

Audience Baize: See the electroplating site for the first time. Are there any cleaning agents in these cleaning fluids?

Moderator: Yes, but with a dedicated name. We use ultrasonic cleaning to inject the right amount of degreasing fluid (e.g. degreasing water) into the inside to choose the right temperature. Washing is an indispensable part of the electroplating process, the quality of washing for the stability of the plating process and the appearance of electroplating products, corrosion resistance, and other quality indicators have a significant impact. Now in fact Yiwu plating can also, much better than in previous years because there are many plating masters in Guangdong to come to the local development.

Audience Lilly: Good electroplating factory is in Humen Phoenix Mountain, Panyu, and Zhongshan, Shenzhen. Mainly look at the technology of the plating plant, especially the technology of the plating master. Many used to be electroplating master control, but now many plating plants are semi-automated.

Audience melons: Do cleaning agents of different metal materials need to be used separately? Moderator: I don’t know at the moment. I’ve asked the plating master before, and they’re not separated. The surface of the material is washed with water to produce a thin oxide film, which affects the binding strength of the coating to the base metal. Therefore, pre-plating to be activated, so that the surface of the material produces slight corrosion, exposing the crystalline tissue of the metal, to ensure that the coating and substrate binding strength. The activated solution is thin and does not damage the finish of the material surface, usually only a few seconds to a minute. Activated pieces of jewelry (usually activated with dilute sulphuric acid) must be washed again, cleaned, and then electroplated. This is more professional, I asked the Guangdong electroplating master to understand, we can obtain the understanding and knowledge.

  1. Color preservation principle and color preservation time

Moderator: Color preservation is related to plating quality. Good plating quality must comply with:

(1) With the substrate metal-binding solid, good adhesion.

(2) the coating is complete, the crystallization is meticulous and tight, the porosity rate is small.

(3) Have good physical, chemical, and mechanical properties (e.g., silver-plated, not because the time is too long, lobster buckle plated to death).

(4) There is a coating thickness in line with the standard provisions, and the coating distribution should be uniform.

After polishing, jewelry metal die molds, due to various processing and treatment, will inevitably adhere to a layer of oil and surface-generated oxide layer, which will affect the quality of the coating. Moreover, if the surface is not rough enough, it is difficult to plate a solid, corrosion-resistant coating on the surface of this material. Even if barely plated, in a very short period jewelry on the coating will be peeling, bubbles, hemp spots, spots, and other undesirable phenomena. Therefore, to ensure that the plating in line with the quality of plating, the pre-plating process should be fine. So, if you buy products to see bubbles, hemp points, are electroplating did not deal with the good out of the warehouse. Fashion jewelry with metal materials is an electroplating process to achieve long-term color preservation.

As mentioned above, electroplating is the use of electrolysis principles, coating the metal surface of other metals or alloys of the process, thus playing a role in preventing oxidation, improve wear resistance and aesthetics. So, what’s the difference between ordinary plating of earrings and real gold plating, and which color preservation will last longer?

Audience melons: But is there a way to judge the quality of plating? True gold plating will take a little longer.

Audience Queeni: True gold plating is thicker and lasts.

Moderator: For us, electroplating products that do not expose copper, exposed grass, no peeling, no hemp bubbles, electroplating uniform can be accepted, after all, plating thickness is required for professional testing. Ordinary electroplating is a layer of gold or silver on zinc alloy or copper parts, the appearance of color and real gold plating difference is not much, color preservation six months to one year, do not touch the water and corrosion protection color more durable, cost-effective, low-end products applicable.

True gold plating is used in electroplating liquid real gold and silver, commonly 14K gold, 16K gold, 18K gold, the higher the number of large values, the higher the cost. That’s why real gold plating is more expensive. Compared with ordinary electroplating color brighter, long-lasting color protection, not easy to lose color, normal wear at least 2 years, good maintenance will be more durable, suitable for high-end products.

Audience Kafka:  Teacher, is this copper plating?

This accessory is a bit like stainless steel, I’m not sure. Gold plating from the naked eye and imitation gold can not see, need to be put together to see, gloss will be more obvious. To add, ordinary water-plated gold is not real gold and silver (it is a mixture of several chemical components).

AudienceQueeni: Normal plating or ordinary water plating? What’s the difference between plating and water plating?

Moderator: This is different from the name, water plating is placed in the sink through conduction, on the metal layer.

The production process of jewelry

1. Alloy products

 Moderator: Fashion jewelry production process, if not engaged in the industry, I think you can easily understand it. At least everyone knows how these fashion products are formed. Our main sub-alloy products and copper products, general alloys and drills, glass drills with copper and zircon matching. If you are curious why this match, intersperse our training pictures.

Mainly to take you through the entire production molding process. The small difference between copper and alloy is also a grinder. Copper wax mold, alloy generally less use glue mold. The following drawings.

These are the film of the alloy, and that’s how it’s formed.

  • Copper products

Above is the wax mold. Share the production process with you below.

Audience White: Generally jewelry from development to market, the cycle is how long?

Moderator: The process is more complex, I put the main process in the form of pictures and share with you, if interested can be further in-depth communication. Usually, the design is finalized and it takes 7-14 days to sample.

Simulate the core competencies of jewelry

1. Design innovation ability

Moderator: Because each industry has different attributes, but it has its core competencies. The fashion jewelry industry, basically design innovation and supply chain advantages are your core competitiveness. Behind every brand are these two cores. You can share your opinions. The threshold of fashion jewelry is not high, but not low. Fashion fast consumer goods are the pursuit of the fast, new style, your new speed will also affect your market occupancy.

Audience Queeni: Can it be said that the design ability of the factory, only more survival advantage?

Audience Eileen: Our studio is a niche designer brand, shipping supply chain instability led to frequent shipments to replenish too slowly, resulting in a lot of design has been dragging. Although jewelry is not seasonal, very affects the development of the brand.

Audience White: I think as long as the end is to sell to consumers, the core is to seize the needs of consumers.

Audience Eileen: I think there needs to be innovation and quality control. Each style has a corresponding crowd, find your style’s corresponding target group, mainly or taste control.

Moderator: To take a real case, at that time my friend factory because of the new 800-1000 models per month, is the overseas design team, the big customers have Macy’s, Walmart these. Although the shipment is not good because the design is good enough, the product is good enough, customers also love and hate them.

Audience Eileen: We are also the problem. Design everyone likes, encounter degluing off-color is a really big head. So a good design also requires a good factory to make a match for good quality.

Moderator: When it comes to design innovation, there are two kinds of industries in this industry. (1) 100% original (designer) ;(2) change the color.

1 Original designer from color matching, layout theme, local culture, trend elements, age groups to design.

Most of the industry is to imitate the big names, change the layout design, change the color match.

Audience Eileen: In fact, there is no absolute originality, with the designer’s education, see things or have a relationship. Some are not plagiarism, just think of a piece to go. Speed and time can also improve the user viscosity, on the new slow customers slowly forget.

Audience White: Much like the apparel industry. I don’t know if it’s because the information is passing fast now, and what you see overlaps is high.

Audience Lilly Original design jewelry in the design and development to the board out of the finished product time is relatively long but generally concentrated in Guangdong’s production plants. Customers on this side want to quickly out of the performance, or change the design will be fast.

Moderator: The industry wants to quickly take over online, and the re-version is the fastest. Some factories will specifically open up a line to sample, on the new speed of 3-7 days to complete other people’s normal 7-15 days. With new products, there must also be back-end production to support, that is, supply chain production capacity. Now spell China speed, but also spell quality.

Audience Queeni: Our accessories are the same. Guangzhou dyeing is much faster than Jiangsu and Zhejiang.

Audience Eileen: Design, speed, quality.

  • Supply chain production

Moderator: What kind of supply chain do you think is good? 1

Audience Eileen: Rhythm is not procrastinatory, proactive, rather than squeezing toothpaste to squeeze out a little bit of suppliers better cooperation. Quality control themselves consciously can do a bit at a time, not to return to work. Our brand in January, now the bulk of the goods have not yet come out, each time a bunch of questions, but sent back to rework for only one problem, and the rest of the whole has not changed. Encounter a good factory is very difficult, the main niche designer brand orders up to a few hundred, many factories are hoping that the single volume is large rather than more than a small amount.

Audience White: Suppliers themselves also want high standards, strict requirements, do not have the mentality of fish in murky water.

Moderator: All of the above are specific points, but it is difficult to have a very conscious supplier. I think good supply chain production capacity includes the following:

  • The entire industrial chain needs to be coordinated (from source to warehouse, such as raw material suppliers, such as electroplating plants).
  • Production line capacity (fast shipping, scheduling capacity) during high season.
  • Diversification of categories (different factories solve product diversification problems).
  • The best match between supply and demand.      
    •  (Customers) minimum demand chain – (supplier’s) minimum order volume        
    • (Customers) minimum demand time . . . (supplier’s) shortest production cycle
    • The best match between supply and demand is the optimal and core production supply advantage.

Audience White: Our company is a clothing supplier. I’ve been in the testing center before, and with this experience, a lot of people have a lucky mentality.

Moderator: Fashion jewelry industry or small and medium-sized factories. Industry attributes, more than 100 people in the finished product factory are sent to small processing plants.

Audience Queeni: Is it because the amount is much less?

Audience Lilly Factory version to meet your design requirements, which determines the layout master is very important. In the development capacity of the factory, the starting version of the master is the key, the layout is done well, but also related to the subsequent production is smooth.

Moderator: In fact, the industry is below a lot of small processing plants, the number of people is a few people, a dozen people, dozens of people. I have sent a lot of production processes before, every process link needs quality control, needs to implement standards the factory is too small when it is difficult to put the details into every link.

Audience White: Is it really small, no big factory?

Audience Lilly Some masters do well, but by the time they produce large goods, there will be many problems, resulting in production delays. Large and small factories are about the production of factories and the ability to solve problems.

Moderator: Yes, it’s MOQ (minimum quantitative), and the cost is relatively less flexible. This industry is special, sometimes there is no problem with typing, large quantities may have problems. This requires the plant’s ability to respond. A good factory always has a solution for the customer. Production problems are not avoidable, the key is the speed of response and processing power, as well as attitude.

A market for jewelry at home and abroad

Domestic market channels

 Moderator: If you’ve ever worked in this industry, do you know anything about the jewelry market at home and abroad? For example, the domestic market channels, you generally have an understanding? I don’t have much exposure to the domestic market, but I know the sound of shaking. I have a friend to do light luxury products, shaking sound life a day out of 100,000 RMB, did 2 months.

Audience Queeni: How many fans? What’s the price? Is it a brand?

Audience Eileen: We’re a shop, but the live stream is indeed going fast now.

Moderator: My friend’s products can not be regarded as a brand, just started to do, the price of 30-200 yuan, fans not many on 5000 people, but very accurate. Her live anchors are storytellers, and there’s a story behind every product, so she grows fast.

Audience Queeni: Are these products designed by themselves? Otherwise how to make up the story.

Moderator: No, it’s all factory-provided money, they choose it. They have positioning, the crowd is 30-55 years old. Because they are very familiar with friends, they still know very well. They are a very integrated culture, each pair of products has a different name.

Audience Eileen: We’re also thinking about whether to do it from the media or to go online traffic. Little Red Book has a biubiu to do jewelry class, but also their own life with goods. 1

Audience White: Seeing the text introduction of this screenshot, I think it’s a cultural person. I also like the little stories that have been excavated from history. Stories and products are more likely to touch consumers than only products.

Audience Lilly: Now the TikTok is really strong. But today many customers received information, shaking sound now jewelry category does not let on the shelf.

Audience Eileen: Century Xie, the head of the niche designer brand ALP, is also a fan of Little Red Book storytelling.

Moderator: At present, the domestic market channels Third-party platforms (JD.com Tiantao do more only products, etc.), these platforms currently belong to the Red Sea, personal feeling very burning money. Live platform (fast handshaking, etc.). Independent official website. Physical stores. About the platform live broadcast, such as TikTok, I have specifically learned a lot of shops, basically is also the 19 principle, many businesses are also difficult to make money. Some people bring goods up for 2 months, but the return rate is also very high, most people are impulse consumption. In addition, zircon products on the shaker platform also need to produce a certificate of identification.

Audience White: What is the 19th Principle?

Moderator: The 19th principle means that only 10% of businesses can make money. Just like Tmall now, Taobao, KA merchants have to burn money, are capital burned out. I now mainly do cross-border, foreign marketing channels we should all know some.

Foreign marketing channels

Audience melons: Does Moderator mean the Asian market or the overseas market?

Moderator: Outside China, the company has its target market. But it’s the second half of the year because Amazon has problems with overseas positions. But cross-border e-commerce needs to be capital-injected to get up quickly.

Audience White: What’s the specific problem?

Moderator: We are now doing Ali International Station B-Side plus Social Media and Independent Official Website. Social media is run by overseas teams through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn. If you do not send to overseas positions first, the advantages are not obvious, but too heavy funds. Amazon is more operational. Before the outbreak, the Shenzhen side also has a lot of Amazon merchants crossed. I have a friend last year to do 200 million in Amazon, because of over-expansion, resulting in a problem with overseas positions, funds are not liquid, suddenly do collapse. Do you do a lot of foreign markets around you?

Audience melons: I have friends to do Taobao and brick-and-mortar stores.

Audience Lilly: Amazon is more affected. My friend factory-made Swarovski crystal elements, supplied to Amazon, and all of a sudden the order was only a third. Coupled with Swarovski’s cancellation of crystal authorizations from the end of last year, it’s embarrassing that there’s still so much in the crystal inventory, but the platform has a lot fewer orders.

Moderator: Yes, the future export, is the export of fine, excellent products. So in fact, this industry, compared to other industries, has a better chance of producing brands. Unlike in the first 10 years, some goods and exports make money. And the future is excellent products, boutique, a brand can occupy more overseas markets.

Audience Lilly: Yes, we all recommend customers to do brand and is a boutique brand, some customers are also in transition, the future should be China’s jewelry brand to the world.

Audience Queeni: Was it because overseas markets were not demanding? Or are there few such factories overseas?

Moderator: It was relatively easy to make money from previous export trade when the Internet was less developed.

To sum up, briefly, the main marketing channels abroad are Cross-border e-commerce B-side (Ali International Station Global Resources Dunhuang Network). Cross-border e-commerce C-side (Amazon shrimp skin quick sale, etc.). Social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tiktok, YouTube). Independent official website. At present, a lot of fashion jewelry curry is the official website, platform, and social media occupation, there has been a certain degree of brand publicity.

Audience Lilly: CDE, one of the most successful brands around me, from manufacturing plants to the C-side, from Tmall to Amazon. Amazon is already a big seller of jewelry.

Audience White: Official websites, platforms, and social media all have their division of labor.

Moderator: Jewelry small items, easy to solve overseas logistics problems, or more suitable selection. The ability to be fully laid out, now a single channel is more difficult, it may take a long time to occupy the market, to get a piece of the pie. For example, Ali is also going to Google to buy traffic ads, then why can’t you just go to Google to promote? Private domain traffic is the same as someone in China who is doing it from the media now.

Audience White: Now the major platforms have developed, feel that consumer choice is a more, distraction, for businesses is also a problem.

Moderator: Yes, that’s why people say it’s not easy to make money because the market is regulated, mature, and needs more professional, segmented, patient people. If you are interested to learn about 51 jewelry network, this is also a channel to share jewelry.

Moderator summary

First, simulation of fashion jewelry definitions and common product categories  

  • What is simulation jewelry

Simulated jewelry refers to small items such as rings, bracelets, collars, earrings, brooches, etc. that can be worn by individuals. And these items do not contain precious metals or package precious metals (except plating or gadgets). Gold, sterling silver, platinum metal in the range of precious metals, summarized as real jewelry.  

  • Common product categories  

By location and style classification: necklaces (neck chains), bracelet bracelets and anklets, earrings, brooches, rings, hairpins, and so on.

Second, jewelry, the basic commonly used materials

  • Metal materials – alloy, copper, stainless steel, iron Non-metallic materials – plastic and rubber products, sub (press) gram, resin, soft pottery, CCB, imitation pearls, tube beads, silicone, imitation stone, wool ball glass drill, crystal, imitation Swarovski crystal, glass, cat’s eye stone and so on.
  • Natural materials – natural stones/synthetic stones, pine stones, zircon.

Third, jewelry electroplating color preservation problem

  1. -What is plating?

A process by which a metal film is attached to the surface of a metal or other material.

  • Color preservation principle and color preservation time: pre-plating process processing and plating quality related.

Fourth, jewelry production process:

Designed → sculpted→ molded→ turned sand→ soldered (connected) → Polished→ electroplated→ assembled → packaging (in storage) → for sale.

Five, simulation of the core competitiveness of jewelry

Design innovation/supply chain production capacity

Six, jewelry at home and abroad market

1. Domestic market channels
– Third-party platform (JD.com Tiantao multi-product club, etc.);
– Live platform (fast handshaking sound, etc.);
– Independent official website;
– Physical stores.
– Third-party platform (JD.com Tiantao multi-product club, etc.);
– Live platform (fast handshaking sound, etc.);
– Independent official website;
– Physical stores.
2. Foreign marketing channels
– Cross-border e-commerce B-side (Ali International Station Global Resources Dunhuang network);
– Cross-border e-commerce C-end (Amazon shrimp skin fast-selling, etc.);
– Social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tiktok, YouTube);
– Independent official website. 1) Enter a partial IP hostname note to search for logins (if unique).

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