Introduction to Clothing Marketing (Beginners’ Guide)

Clothing marketing and planning

participants: LengYun Fashion Group 5

Date: 2021-06-15

Moderator: Wenwen – Beijing – Designer


During the epidemic, online marketing was particularly prevalent. The fad of WeChat’s popular articles has faded, but there must be a blue ocean in an era of rapid information flow.

Clothing marketing overview

  1. Clothing marketing purposes

Moderator: I wonder if people know why clothing companies are marketing. Just to make money selling goods? We have the phrase “people rely on clothes”. People buy clothes a lot of times because to convey “what kind of person I am”, and clothing marketing can be well implanted in the hearts of consumers’ clothing cultural values, once successful “planting grass”, can bring a large degree of revenue to the company. Marketing based on sales, seize the human demand for the embodiment of differences and social status through clothing, the long-term development direction of the brand, and cultural construction.

  • The current situation of the clothing market

Moderator: What’s the clothing market like now?

Audience Jessica: I’m not in a clothing company, but as a consumer, my desire to buy clothes has dropped significantly this year.

Moderator: I used to do lace as a market segment. Previously the department has done market research, found that the outbreak so that everyone generally stays at home, so do not need to buy clothes, we use money in tourism. Now the trend is not lace but casual sports style. Buy clothes will also choose more functional clothes like home fitness people will buy yoga clothes. This is evident in the LULULEMON brand. According to its results, the brand’s second-quarter revenue rose 2 percent in 2020, while direct-to-consumer business, including online sales, grew 155 percent year-on-year. By the second half of 2020, the stock is up about 50.2 percent, with a market capitalization of $45.5 billion. But LULULEMON has fallen a few percentage points this year, and its marketing investment is so large that while revenues are rising, profits will fall.

LengYun: Marketing is too expensive now. If you don’t spend money, there is no traffic, if you spend too much money, the result will be the opposite, after all, the product is the core.

  • Clothing marketing platform

Moderator: What clothing marketing platforms do you know? AudienceCarrier: Little Red Book has a lot of bloggers promoting it. AudienceJessica: Taobao, Weibo, B station these platforms can see the traces of promotional marketing. AudienceQueennie wang: Now is the ERA of IP, a person can sell multiple brands, for multiple brands endorsement. Everyone can be an opinion leader in a certain area. Moderator: Everyone said that the network red, star with goods, advertising (TV, subway, network) live on the line, short video, micro-movies are means. There are soft text, search engine SEO, online and offline activities, TV drama implantation, community to cultivate a common hobby of a group of people, etc., can be targeted consumer groups. The most important thing is that I chat with friends, I think very few people can think of this, that is, the company’s internal sales bonus algorithm, that is, the company’s internal sales staff sharing methods and management methods, can also be used by other employees and even customers.

LengYun: Now is the era of “everyone is a consumer, everyone is a seller”. Many big companies are doing this now.

Audience Carrier: Some companies ask employees to circle their friends to send information about the company’s products.

Moderator: Just mentioned these platforms, using WeChat, Shake Tone, Taobao, Weibo. In addition, there are video numbers, Little Red Books, Station B, INS, and FACEBOOK. Suppose you’re going to market something now, and you’re going to choose a platform. So, do you understand the operational logic, the pros, and cons behind these platforms? Let’s say I choose a Tik Tok because it’s “short, flat, fast” and so on.

 Audience Queennie wang: Now there are many platforms, can only choose precise one or two, really too difficult.

Audience Jessica: Taobao traffic is large, customers’ profiles are accurate, but the disadvantage should be to do clothing with Taobao and brand public number is very expensive. I feel that it should be selected according to the precise positioning and brand positioning of the customer.

LengYun: Taobao’s traffic has reached the top, to tell the truth most of the platform traffic has reached the top.

Moderator: Let me share some of the advantages and disadvantages of the platform. First, WeChat Public Number, its advantages are

  • can have relatively close contact with the user.
  • Easy to cultivate core fans.
  • Good precipitation.
  • Cons: Channels are closed and it’s hard to grow your fans unless the content is very high quality.

LengYun: The public number is generally “closed”, so there are good and bad. But in the future with the video number, there are still opportunities, video number now is user stability, there are not too many big ups and downs. Between the Tik Tok and the video number, I am more optimistic about the long-term development of the video number. There is an algorithm that I think is a disadvantage, that is, too “to cater to the user”, not good for the next generation to grow. For example, if you like vulgarity, you can be pushed vulgar. The biggest problem with the platform right now is that your fans don’t necessarily see you, which is bad. So loyalty between users and platforms is not good for each other

Moderator: This is de-centralization, not the cultivation of loyal fans. Although it has a lot of traffic. I haven’t downloaded a Tik Tok, I downloaded Bilbili. WeChat video number should be able to bind to the public number, for the public number to direct the stream. Weibo is also very good, can be accompanied by a link. Also about Taobao: The development of clothing marketing is based on e-commerce. What year is it thought that the earliest fashion e-commerce rise? What events contributed to the rise during that time? What promoted your first time on Taobao? Will you worry about the quality of Taobao’s things because they can’t be picked by themselves?

Audience Jessica: The first time I bought clothes on Taobao was in 2004. Because it is cheap, that is just what I want, but at that time the seller shipping is too slow. But at the time, with the rise in rents in stores, labor costs were high. It is precise because of the high cost of entities that e-commerce has developed.

Audience Queennie wang: Because it’s convenient. Don’t waste time shopping, run broken legs can’t find what you like.

Moderator: Taobao can rise in China can not be separated from the time of the creation, when the environment let the physical cost rise, Internet technology made e-commerce come into being. And Taobao can develop so far, but also can not be separated from Jack Ma’s 10 years of hard work. Today’s requirements for clothing marketing talent 1. Specific requirements at a glance, there is nothing you did not expect.

Moderator: Does anyone in the group want to be a new medium? Want to do new media and do not want to do new media friends, to clothing company’s new media operation or copy planning positions, to do successful marketing on the talent what requirements? We can consider hard skills, soft skills, industry experience, management skills (managers), resource accumulation. Here are some examples of these five dimensions that you can refer to:

LengYun: Management skills are common for all management posts. Marketing is now scripted, but it can also be outsourced.

Moderator: The importance of these requirements is sorted from large to small, how do you rank?

LengYun: Depending on the level. The lower the level, the more important the hard skill. Different level requirements are different. The lower the level, the more you need to perform landing, so execution is more important. The higher you are, the more important creativity and management are, and the more important it is to be a person.

Audience Jessica: The higher the level, the more important the guidance and direction, and the more important the creativity is.

Moderator: Here’s how I score them, do you agree?

LengYun: Overall, yes. Specific to different enterprises still have differences. There are also levels.

Moderator: How do different companies distinguish between their “differences”?

LengYun: Depending on the product but also depends on the corporate management culture. Some are comprehensive, some can accommodate different advantages and disadvantages.

2. Why Clothing Marketing Talent Is Lacking

Moderator: Said so many such positions on the people’s requirements. Why do people think there is a shortage of talent in clothing marketing?

Audience Jessica: The threshold is low. People think that marketing is sales. Moderator: They are a little different, different in scope. I think marketing is bigger than sales, marketing and sales are not the same. Marketing is about spending money, sales are about making money, and that’s the biggest difference. Why is there a shortage of clothing marketing talent? I roughly wrote that because new media operations are emerging industries, there is strong demand. People who run new media operations may be heading to big factories, and they’re not broken down into clothes that must be in place.

LengYun: But now social business is different. Spend money while making money. Social media, for example, lets KOL forward a link, and the forwarding itself pays KOL, but after they turn around, the sales order may come in. The live broadcast is a combination of marketing and sales. It is not the lack of marketing talent, is the general lack of talent. Good designers, buyers, sales, marketing are lacking, this industry is generally so. Good styling matchmakers are also missing. Many businesses can’t find people and don’t match each other’s requirements. What companies want, the existing talent market can not reach. Frankly speaking, the overall level of talent in this industry is not high. It’s not hard to make a debut. Just let yourself do the industry TOP 10% level. If you represent most people’s level, it’s harder to be competitive. Enterprises are not short of average people, enterprises lack talent.

Clothing Marketing Case Study

  1. Case Introduction

Moderator: Now come to our case study, first ask the group of friends who have yoga? Have you ever used LULULEMON stuff?

Audience Queennie wang: Used, they are to break down the category to the extreme. So when you think of yoga, you think of this brand.

LengYun: I haven’t used it. But all the friends who have used it say yes.

Audience Jessica: I haven’t bought it, but it’s professional at first glance. Moderator: So as a user of it, would you care about its activities? Many yoga enthusiasts love to go to its activities. Their activity is to learn yoga lessons without money. Their online classes are done by yoga ambassadors or KOLs in the yoga world. They wear LULU products and record videos on their social networking sites, such as WeChat, Little Red Book, and Shake Sound, these traffic platforms. There are also offline activities, large ones like the “Hot Sweat Movement”. Usually, LULU invites yoga ambassadors to their offline stores. After the end, the students walk around the shop and buy things. But I don’t like doing this kind of activity as a yoga teacher because she earns more by teaching for an hour. Become a yoga ambassador, usually also regularly go to LULU to try new products.

LengYun: They belong to community marketing well, and they cost less than other big investors.

Moderator: In addition to precision new middle-class women, they also developed into men’s sweatpants, sports fast-moving products such as shower gel production. This is the horizontal development of similar products, the following image is Lulu’s products.

Audience Queennie wang: find a product category and become a nice. It’s also precision marketing, catching repeat customers and loyal fans.

Moderator: Such a marketing strategy quietly catches your attention and heart. In addition to this, their marketing I would like to talk about offline stores. Their guide purchases themselves are not called guide purchases, called brand educators. What’s different about them is that they are also sports enthusiasts themselves. In addition to basic sales, will also communicate with you sports experience, give you just the right advice. In addition to the community, LULULEMON is also looking for celebrity marketing. For example, American stars Avril Kardashian, domestic stars Yao Chen and Liu Tao are all users of LULULEMON. If you remember correctly, tech bigwigs come to help them market and wear their products. In addition, the patent of the product is also part of marketing. Summarize lululemon’s marketing success.

(1) Focus on the small category of the industry, consumer portrait accurate.

(2) Community marketing, the object of consumption – common enthusiasts, pull together.

(3) Apply for a patent and dig deep into the moat.

Moderator Summary

First, clothing marketing overview  

  • Marketing is advertising, through the construction of trademark culture, to convey the value of goods to consumers a set of practices. Common means have webcasts, public tweets, celebrity IP with goods, and so on.

Second, today’s clothing marketing talent requirements  

  • The requirements for new media workers in clothing consist of five dimensions: hard skills, soft skills, industry experience, management skills (managers), and resource accumulation.

Third, clothing marketing case study

  • Community marketing for yoga sportswear company LULULEMON is a significantly effective marketing method among sports brands.

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