Introduction to Clothing Marketing (Beginners’ Guide)

Clothing marketing and planning participants: LengYun Fashion Group 5 Date: 2021-06-15 Moderator: Wenwen – Beijing – Designer Introduction During the epidemic, online marketing was particularly prevalent. The fad of WeChat’s popular articles has faded, but there must be a blue ocean in an era of rapid information flow. Clothing marketing overview Clothing marketing purposes Moderator:Continue reading “Introduction to Clothing Marketing (Beginners’ Guide)”

Is SHEIN China’s First Global Fashion Brand?

Business Background The topic we’re talking about today is SHEIN. Does this brand count as China’s first global fashion brand? Let me start with a brief introduction to SHEIN’s background. Some of the data I have on my memory may not be so accurate, and you are welcome to point them out. The company wasContinue reading “Is SHEIN China’s First Global Fashion Brand?”

How Does Luxury Improve Customer Loyalty?

Leng Yun: Hello everyone, today our theme is to learn from luxury goods how to improve customer loyalty. Our guest today is Ms. Zhou Ting last week. If you want to know more about Ms. Zhou Ting, you can pay attention to Ms. Zhou Ting’s knowledge (account name: Dr. Zhou Ting). Why talk about “customerContinue reading “How Does Luxury Improve Customer Loyalty?”

Dive Into the World of Simulated Fashion Jewelry Together

Participant: LengYun Fashion Group 3 Time: 2021-6-12 Moderator: Lovelyn – Shanghai – Jewelry Design Introduction I believe all girls will love beautiful jewelry, which is never enough in your closet. Let’s explore the beauty of fashion jewelry and understand its safety and business value. Simulated Fashion Jewelry Definitions and Common Product Categories What is simulatedContinue reading “Dive Into the World of Simulated Fashion Jewelry Together”

How I applied commercial illustrations to children’s wear design

Participant: LengYun Fashion Group 6 Time: 2021-6-19 Moderator: Boying – Suzhou – Children’s Design Introduction Is children’s clothing design just casually drawing a cartoon pattern? Children’s clothes are a scaled-down version of adult clothes? It’s the 21st century, are you still looking at children’s clothes with prejudice? Why do many young designers refuse to enterContinue reading “How I applied commercial illustrations to children’s wear design”

How Can Merchants Use the Beauty Of Fashion To Win The Favor Of Consumers?

Participant: LengYun Fashion Group 5 Time: 2021-05-29 Moderator – Yolanda – Fashion Editor in Beijing Introduction Fashion is a mystery? What is the disturbing fashion world talking about? What does a brand rely on to capture the consumers’ hearts? What is the beauty of fashion? 1. Do you want to buy “clothing” or “fashion”? AudienceContinue reading “How Can Merchants Use the Beauty Of Fashion To Win The Favor Of Consumers?”

How Does the Designer Job Vary from The Design Director?

Introduction Design assistants and designers are mostly working towards design management. So, what is the difference between design management and designers? Topic: The difference between the functions of the design director and the designer Participant – LengYun Fashion Group #1 Time – 2021-06-08 Moderator: Mengmeng – Guangzhou – Director of Women’s Design – Has servedContinue reading “How Does the Designer Job Vary from The Design Director?”

The Survival Status of Chinese Designer Brands (Environment, Cases, Merchandise Planning, Etc.)

Introduction With the rise of China’s national wealth and the increasing strength of Chinese designers, Chinese designers have gradually occupied a place in the international community. This time, I’m going to share with you what I’ve seen about Chinese designers and how merchandise planning can help brands. Topic – How merchandise planning works in designerContinue reading “The Survival Status of Chinese Designer Brands (Environment, Cases, Merchandise Planning, Etc.)”

How 3D Design Will Drive the Digital Development of The Fashion Industry

“The fashion collision between digital and art will bring about great changes in the garment industry. We set foot on a high-speed 3D digital technology ship, heading for a new fashion with infinite possibilities.” Participants: LengYun Fashion Group #3 Time: 2021-5-29 Moderator – Wayne – Hangzhou – 3D- Engaged in clothing for more than aContinue reading “How 3D Design Will Drive the Digital Development of The Fashion Industry”

How Does the Brand Balance Creativity and Business?

#management # brand #entreprenuer #fashion industry #designer Being a Creative Fashion Designer is something most designers aspire to, rather than being mediocre for the market. Through the combination of brand design research and development and commercial operation content, as well as the current communication between the two aspects of the effectiveness of the brand caseContinue reading “How Does the Brand Balance Creativity and Business?”