Trip to Brazil V – Visit to UAM

I visited Carol’s school – Anhembi Morumbi University today. Yes the name is too long to remember – just call it UAM. There are over 170 universities in Brazil that offer the fashion major, this number is closed to the 200 in China (but we have 1.3 billion population! The number of fashion schools inContinue reading “Trip to Brazil V – Visit to UAM”

Brazilian Trip IV – Local Handcraft

To me hot sightseeing spots are no longer the most interesting parts for travel. What I am more interested in are the local independent designers’ boutiques (btw, I do not own any luxury brand in my wardrobe. Independent designers’ labels are my favorite). Local museums and galleries are must-visit. Last but not the least theContinue reading “Brazilian Trip IV – Local Handcraft”

Trip to Brazil III – Local Fashion Brands

A local Brazilian brand – Havaiana, who started business from flip-flops. Color is everywhere in Brazil – all vibrant, bold and energetic. From the colors you can tell how much Brazilian people love the nature. Chinese designers also love nature but their work show a very different taste of ‘nature’. We tend to show theContinue reading “Trip to Brazil III – Local Fashion Brands”

Trip to Brazil II – My Public Speech in a Local Gallery

Today our journey started from this cute gallery. Carol invited nearly 20 media friends to this small private welcome party (again, my dear sister – thank you soooooooo much for the wonderful arrangement). What do you think of our pose? The exterior side of the gallery. Inside of the gallery. It is my first timeContinue reading “Trip to Brazil II – My Public Speech in a Local Gallery”

Trip to Brazil I – Local Food and Colorful Houses

This is a vintage-style shop and restaurant. They sell almost everything that you need for daily life. The decorations on the celling The combination of dried fish and table cloth. Guess what is this (not the lamp)? Living expense in Sao Paulo is not low at all. Very much like Shanghai – everything is expensiveContinue reading “Trip to Brazil I – Local Food and Colorful Houses”

Always look at the bright side – Some Thoughts on China and Chinese Fashion Industry

The organizer of the Brazilian conference says they would like to know why Chinese fashion industry develops so fast. No one expected China would have her own fashion 20 years ago. A friend asked me a similar question – why China made such dramatic change in the past 30 years? What a big question! WhatContinue reading “Always look at the bright side – Some Thoughts on China and Chinese Fashion Industry”

“The Ride” – The Only Moving Theater in the World

We went to the only moving theater in the world – “The Ride”. Whoever comes up with this idea must be a genius. All the audience sitting in a moving bus, which is very different with the normal ones. There are glass windows on one side and no windows on the other side. Everyone facesContinue reading ““The Ride” – The Only Moving Theater in the World”

My Visit to Ai Weiwei “According to What” Exhibition

Today I went to see the exhibition of Ai Weiwei – ‘according to what’, curated by Brooklyn museum. I don’t really like all of his work, but the following ones are exceptions. For example, this one, themed with ‘moon chest’, is consisted of seven rectangular boxes, each of which has four holes, two on theContinue reading “My Visit to Ai Weiwei “According to What” Exhibition”

My Tour to Urban Farm and Its Triple-Win Mode

I went to an urban farm in NYC. It is next to an office building, in which there is a high-end restaurant. The farm receives leftovers from the restaurant everyday, which would be processed into fertilizer. This process happens at the site behind the building, to which costumers have no access. As along as theContinue reading “My Tour to Urban Farm and Its Triple-Win Mode”

The Exhibition of “The Best Teen Art and Writing from Across the Country” in 2014

The Exhibition of “The Best Teen Art and Writing from Across the Country” in 2014. Gold Metal Award – Market Street. All the award winners are teenagers. This painting is very interesting. Please check how many people are there in the painting? This painting, “Watch Your Step”, is an optical art. Look at these amazingContinue reading “The Exhibition of “The Best Teen Art and Writing from Across the Country” in 2014”