Trip to Brazil V – Visit to UAM

I visited Carol’s school – Anhembi Morumbi University today. Yes the name is too long to remember – just call it UAM. There are over 170 universities in Brazil that offer the fashion major, this number is closed to the 200 in China (but we have 1.3 billion population! The number of fashion schools inContinue reading “Trip to Brazil V – Visit to UAM”

Always look at the bright side – Some Thoughts on China and Chinese Fashion Industry

The organizer of the Brazilian conference says they would like to know why Chinese fashion industry develops so fast. No one expected China would have her own fashion 20 years ago. A friend asked me a similar question – why China made such dramatic change in the past 30 years? What a big question! WhatContinue reading “Always look at the bright side – Some Thoughts on China and Chinese Fashion Industry”

My Visit to Ai Weiwei “According to What” Exhibition

Today I went to see the exhibition of Ai Weiwei – ‘according to what’, curated by Brooklyn museum. I don’t really like all of his work, but the following ones are exceptions. For example, this one, themed with ‘moon chest’, is consisted of seven rectangular boxes, each of which has four holes, two on theContinue reading “My Visit to Ai Weiwei “According to What” Exhibition”

The Exhibition of “The Best Teen Art and Writing from Across the Country” in 2014

The Exhibition of “The Best Teen Art and Writing from Across the Country” in 2014. Gold Metal Award – Market Street. All the award winners are teenagers. This painting is very interesting. Please check how many people are there in the painting? This painting, “Watch Your Step”, is an optical art. Look at these amazingContinue reading “The Exhibition of “The Best Teen Art and Writing from Across the Country” in 2014”

My trip to Harlem School of Arts in New York.

Harlem School of Arts was founded by an African American in 1940s, which is a non-profitable institution that provides arts training to teenagers under 18 years old. Unlike schools in China, this school charges very low tuition fee due to the fact that it mainly lives on the individual or institutional donations. In West, itContinue reading “My trip to Harlem School of Arts in New York.”

Parsons Final Thesis Presentation – Childrens collection.

Sporty but still girlish. Nice color coordination. It is not very easy to do childrens wear. Very often the design is a miniature of adults collection. But Parsons students demonstrated some talents in this area. This jacket is my favor too, simple clean cut but not boring. Good for teenager girl for schools in anyContinue reading “Parsons Final Thesis Presentation – Childrens collection.”

Parsons Final Thesis Presentation – Womens collection.

Every one loves this oversized jacket. Again exaggerated in details but still wearable and marketable. Noticed the oversized pocket and hem, plus the oversized loops on shoulder and back. Follow the previous oversized cardigan, these were designed by the same student. Two layered skirt with an oversized pocket. Inspired by body movement. Used tone onContinue reading “Parsons Final Thesis Presentation – Womens collection.”

Parsons Final Thesis Presentation – Accessory section.

Horse riding collections, including hammer, belt, bags and shoes. The presentation form testifies students’ presentation skills, merchandise planning and mix and match skills. Give attention to the set up of the table, the visual display is part of the exam. Again, creative in details and marketable, excellent craftsmanship. All students are requested to make productsContinue reading “Parsons Final Thesis Presentation – Accessory section.”

Fashion II

I arrive in Philadelphia today. The weather in east coast changes like this. I felt like I needed to wear a feathered coat yesterday but I am wearing a T-shirt today. Spring is so short and summer finally comes. The new trend now is riding a bike instead of driving a car, which is both healthyContinue reading “Fashion II”

China Fashion: Conversations with Designers

This book documents the rise (and rise) of fashion design in China. Told through the stories of three generations of designers: those born in the 20s and 30s, who were active before the establishment of the People’s Republic of China in 1949; those born in the 1950s and 60s, when fashion in China was isolatedContinue reading “China Fashion: Conversations with Designers”