China Power: 2015 Forbes China Designers Annual Meeting

Wu Haiyan of China Academy of Art is sharing her thoughts on the relationship between design, art and society on 2015 Forbes China Designers Annual Meeting. Forbes China will announce the 2015 winners of the Most Influential Designers and the Most Promising Designers later. The meeting is taking place in Liangzhu, a small town inContinue reading “China Power: 2015 Forbes China Designers Annual Meeting”

A Fashion Night In Shanghai

The party of specialty boutique BLANK. Shanghai is becoming another NYC – the same fashionable people, the same sophisticated lifestyle and endless parties.   The owner of @BLANK @JiJi is also one of the interviewed designers in my book #China Fashion #Conversations With Designers#. I had the honor of meeting some of the most outstandingContinue reading “A Fashion Night In Shanghai”

The True Cost behind the Fashion Industry (part 1): the cost of life

Regardless which industry you are in, as long as you wear clothes, you should watch this documentary called @“the True Cost” by @Andrew Morgan. For most of people who are not in the fashion industry, what they usually care are the price, quality and style. Even to the people who are within the industry, whatContinue reading “The True Cost behind the Fashion Industry (part 1): the cost of life”

Some Thoughts on Fashion Week

Fashion Week today is becoming a celebrity show rather than “fashion” show. Seems like press is more interested in the first row instead of the clothing itself. In China, the Fashion Week prior to 2005 was merely a self-entertaining practice – most presenting designers were just “show” designers (means they did not have stores), mostContinue reading “Some Thoughts on Fashion Week”

Grace Chen’s Couture Show at Shanghai Couture Week

I invited Queenie, the managing editor of Business of Fashion China to join me to visit @Grace Chen’s couture show last night at @Shanghai Couture Fashion Week…I was terribly late…I almost wanted to run with legs, but I was on high heels…. This little red dress is my favorite piece of the show. Cannot fitContinue reading “Grace Chen’s Couture Show at Shanghai Couture Week”

Dong Liang One Day at Shanghai Fashion Week

  I spent less time in Shanghai in recent years. Having not gone shopping for a long time, I went to K11 at Huaihai Zhong Road and saw the Shanghai Fashion Week. K11 seems operating quite successful now – attracts most young people here. Dong Liang One Day, presentation of Shanghai Fashion Week  is veryContinue reading “Dong Liang One Day at Shanghai Fashion Week”

“China Fashion:Conversation with Chinese Designers”(Abstract)

The article provided here is from the book China Fashion: Conversations with Chinese Designers (Bloomsbury 2009). This article only provides part of the contents. For the completed writings please refer to Abstract This book mainly depicts the history of fashion design in China through interviews of prominent Chinese designers.  It covers the past three decades,Continue reading ““China Fashion:Conversation with Chinese Designers”(Abstract)”

Final Thesis Panel Presentation of BFA Fashion Design-Parsons 2014

This is the Final Thesis Panel Presentation of BFA Fashion Design of Parsons in 2014. Students would display their works first and then receive individual comments. Every student would do his or her individual presentation. I like this series very much. But it has a high requirement of the body – only tall people couldContinue reading “Final Thesis Panel Presentation of BFA Fashion Design-Parsons 2014”

Past, Present and Future of Chinese Independent Fashion Designers (2)

(This article was posted on”China Garments”2015.7. Unless otherwise specified, all of the pictures used in the article are provided by designer) In terms of opportunities, there is no doubt that the biggest opportunity for Chinese designers is the adjective “Chinese”, especially in the consideration of media’s attention. From the industry media and consumer media toContinue reading “Past, Present and Future of Chinese Independent Fashion Designers (2)”