The Exhibition of “The Best Teen Art and Writing from Across the Country” in 2014

The Exhibition of “The Best Teen Art and Writing from Across the Country” in 2014. Gold Metal Award – Market Street. All the award winners are teenagers. This painting is very interesting. Please check how many people are there in the painting? This painting, “Watch Your Step”, is an optical art. Look at these amazingContinue reading “The Exhibition of “The Best Teen Art and Writing from Across the Country” in 2014”

Abolitionist Fashion Show in NYC

It is pretty convenient to see the magnificent show of big fashion week. What about small scale show like this one? Its theme is ‘abolitionist fashion show’. There are many small scale fashion shows in NY every week, not even include the trunk shows of many independent designers. Today the show is held in aContinue reading “Abolitionist Fashion Show in NYC”

My trip to Harlem School of Arts in New York.

Harlem School of Arts was founded by an African American in 1940s, which is a non-profitable institution that provides arts training to teenagers under 18 years old. Unlike schools in China, this school charges very low tuition fee due to the fact that it mainly lives on the individual or institutional donations. In West, itContinue reading “My trip to Harlem School of Arts in New York.”

Parsons BFA Fashion Benefits Show II

Again clean cut neuteak color but with creative details in the structure There is a rapid growth in the market segmentation called ‘creativity professionals’. They are someone between the artists designers and business professionals. They need type of clothing that is creative, tasteful but not too exaggerate for office. This group fits in this category.Continue reading “Parsons BFA Fashion Benefits Show II”

Parsons BFA Fashion Benefits Show I

Parsons BFA Fashion Benefits Show Preview. The long queue was started nearly 1 hour before the show started. May is the ‘show’ season at fashion schools. Started from the panel discussions, to the static show, followed by this preview and tonight will be the big show, which costs minimum 1000 usd up to 10000 usdContinue reading “Parsons BFA Fashion Benefits Show I”

Paying Tribute to the Legend: Louise Wilson

(The photo is from the Internet)   I am deeply shocked by this news. The leading professor in Saint Martin, Louise Wilson passed away last night, at the age of 51. She has mentored several top designers, among which the most famous one is McQueen. This is a huge blow to Saint Martin. I haveContinue reading “Paying Tribute to the Legend: Louise Wilson”

Parsons School of Fashion BFA Final Static Show.

Parsons School of Fashion BFA Final Static Show. After seeing the MFA show last week you will see the differences between MFA and BFA. Sorry for not including the names of designers this time as I forgot to record names. The cutting structure of the side seam of this piece is very interesting.    Continue reading “Parsons School of Fashion BFA Final Static Show.”

Parsons MFA Fashion Design and Society final exhibition.

Parsons MFA Fashion Design and Society final exhibition. Liquid box. The top layer is made of Polyester and under it, the color part was made of Chine de crepe. Beads collection by a Chinese student. Oversized silhouette, texture of the fabric especially with laser cutting are popular. Again oversized silhouette, unfinnished hems, irregular cutting areContinue reading “Parsons MFA Fashion Design and Society final exhibition.”

Parsons Final Thesis Presentation – Childrens collection.

Sporty but still girlish. Nice color coordination. It is not very easy to do childrens wear. Very often the design is a miniature of adults collection. But Parsons students demonstrated some talents in this area. This jacket is my favor too, simple clean cut but not boring. Good for teenager girl for schools in anyContinue reading “Parsons Final Thesis Presentation – Childrens collection.”