Trip to Brazil II – My Public Speech in a Local Gallery

Today our journey started from this cute gallery. Carol invited nearly 20 media friends to this small private welcome party (again, my dear sister – thank you soooooooo much for the wonderful arrangement). What do you think of our pose? The exterior side of the gallery. Inside of the gallery. It is my first timeContinue reading “Trip to Brazil II – My Public Speech in a Local Gallery”

Trip to Brazil I – Local Food and Colorful Houses

This is a vintage-style shop and restaurant. They sell almost everything that you need for daily life. The decorations on the celling The combination of dried fish and table cloth. Guess what is this (not the lamp)? Living expense in Sao Paulo is not low at all. Very much like Shanghai – everything is expensiveContinue reading “Trip to Brazil I – Local Food and Colorful Houses”

“The Ride” – The Only Moving Theater in the World

We went to the only moving theater in the world – “The Ride”. Whoever comes up with this idea must be a genius. All the audience sitting in a moving bus, which is very different with the normal ones. There are glass windows on one side and no windows on the other side. Everyone facesContinue reading ““The Ride” – The Only Moving Theater in the World”

My Visit to Ai Weiwei “According to What” Exhibition

Today I went to see the exhibition of Ai Weiwei – ‘according to what’, curated by Brooklyn museum. I don’t really like all of his work, but the following ones are exceptions. For example, this one, themed with ‘moon chest’, is consisted of seven rectangular boxes, each of which has four holes, two on theContinue reading “My Visit to Ai Weiwei “According to What” Exhibition”

My Tour to Urban Farm and Its Triple-Win Mode

I went to an urban farm in NYC. It is next to an office building, in which there is a high-end restaurant. The farm receives leftovers from the restaurant everyday, which would be processed into fertilizer. This process happens at the site behind the building, to which costumers have no access. As along as theContinue reading “My Tour to Urban Farm and Its Triple-Win Mode”

My Amazing Paintball Game Today

I tried paintball today and had lots of fun. The only challenge was the heat. The temperature is in fact pretty moderate, quite suitable for playing this type of game. But with the mask on my face and a heavy gun in my hand, I kept sweating while I squat and hid behind the defenseContinue reading “My Amazing Paintball Game Today”

Jewish Culture II_ The Anniversary of Holocaust

This event I went today is very sorrow – the anniversary of holocaust, which is held on the fifth avenue in NY. This is the host. The whole event is held according to Jewish tradition. This is the guest speaker, Prof. Elie Wiesel, Nobel Peace Prize winner. He is 86 years old now, one of theContinue reading “Jewish Culture II_ The Anniversary of Holocaust”

Philadelphia II

Only when you arrive in Philly can you understand how famous Benjamin Franklin is. As the famous politician, writer, publisher, you can sense his influence wherever you go. Apart from his contribution to electricity, he also had a huge impact on Independence War and education. This is his tomb together with his wife. There areContinue reading “Philadelphia II”

Washington DC

White house. I‘m pretty sure many of our municipal governmental offices are more magnificent than this one but… Power has nothing to do with the physical building. There is a vast green land between the Capitol hill and the monument ~ the national mall. People play sports, vend small items here. A fun place forContinue reading “Washington DC”