“The Ride” – The Only Moving Theater in the World

We went to the only moving theater in the world – “The Ride”. Whoever comes up with this idea must be a genius. All the audience sitting in a moving bus, which is very different with the normal ones. There are glass windows on one side and no windows on the other side. Everyone faces the glass windows instead of the driver. The audience sees clearly the views outside when the bus moves.

The guides introduce the history and story of the landmarks when the bus is moving and passing each relevant landmark. It sounds similar to bus tours, right? But what’s different is that all the screens in the bus play the documentary film of the landmark while the guides are introducing the spot in exaggerated gestures and body languages.


The most interesting thing is that there are “shows” to watch in several certain places. The street is the stage and passengers are co-stars. The actors/actresses sometimes get some passengers to “play” the “shows” with them.


These two couriers from FedEx did a hip-hop performance. The audio equipment in the bus is quite nice but the aged may find it a bit noisy.


This singer improvises according to the features of passers-by.


When we reach the Columbus Circus, two dancers did a short ballet. Some passers-by just made fun with the two by “dancing” together with them.


Look at the concert of the singer and the saxophone.


When the bus moves on, if there is no landmark or performance to watch, the screens play the history and cultures of NYC. For example, the system tells you that NYC has 8.3 million residents and there are over 48 million tourists visiting the city every year. Meanwhile, the number of cabs is 13 thousand, and number of taxi can be offered when you need one urgently is 0.


We can see various passers-by during the trip and the guide would ask who is New Yorker and who is tourist. Well, we just make a guess. Then the system releases the answer, which is “none of your business”.


My Trip to Turkey (6)

The best carpet shop in Turkey! Turkish carpets are better than Chinese and Indian ones in several ways: they use double thread to make it tighter, and the pigments are more ecological (made from plants and insects). Reasonable price, wonderful quality, and exquisite designs. The price ranges from 1,000 to 1,0000 Yuan! (high-end products indeed!)

109 110 111 112 113 114 115 116


Multi-color and multi-pattern in Turkish lamps and plates! Great handmade stuff and reasonable prices!117 118 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 126


First time to see a man performing belly dance. Complicated feelings…… but he did a great job (not flamboyant at all lol)! and here are the girl dancers. It is not easy to make a living as a dancer. They are really sweating away at their job, and they still keep up the smiles after one hour of intensive performing!

127 128 129 130 131 132 133 134 135 136




The local tour guide told me that he was the best artist on this pedestrian street. Every time I see an old man performing by the street, I can’t help wondering: where do you come from? where are your family? and why did you end up here?