How to Apply Traditional Culture to Modern Fashion? A View of a Costume Designer

Introduction: This session will repeatedly emphasize the importance of traditional culture to the design of comprehensive universities. Unlike domestic art institutions and foreign art institutions, market recognition is the most important to schools, so innovation should also be rooted in Chinese tradition, closer to life. Hope to chat with students in major colleges and universitiesContinue reading “How to Apply Traditional Culture to Modern Fashion? A View of a Costume Designer”

The Current Situation of Women’s Clothing Market In Second-And Third-Tier Cities In China – Anhui As An Example City

Topic: The current situation and historical development of the second and third-tier markets Participants: Lengyun Fashion Community 10th Group Time: April 18th 2021 Publisher/Reporter: Darren – Hefei – Retail Background on Darren: Clothing retail industry for 10 years, engaged in casual wear, affordable luxury, women’s wear brand management, operation of direct, affiliated and franchise brandContinue reading “The Current Situation of Women’s Clothing Market In Second-And Third-Tier Cities In China – Anhui As An Example City”

Visit to Triple Major, Shanghai

In order to add new case studies for the Second Edition of my book Workbook for Fashion Buyers, I went to interview the emerging specialty store – Triple Major. The owner of the shop Triple Major was born in 1990 and he has 3 shops in China. Its Shanghai store is located in a typicalContinue reading “Visit to Triple Major, Shanghai”

MET’s Gala vs. Chinese Fashion Designers

Met’s China: through the Looking Glass aims to show how Chinese culture has influenced Western fashion. Obviously MET deserves a big applause– at least from the Chinese audience, for their promoting the Chinese culture. In the fashion discourse most people think Chinese fashion (not only Chinese) have received lots of influences from the West, MET’sContinue reading “MET’s Gala vs. Chinese Fashion Designers”

EFM – Fashion News Express

Angelina Jolie’s new jewelry line to fund girls’ school in Afghanistan Jolie partnered up with Procop after meeting him when he designed the engagement ring given to her by Brad Pitt last April. Together, the two have designed a line of jewelry partially inspired by jewels that the actress has worn herself, including a black and goldContinue reading “EFM – Fashion News Express”

EFM – Sustainable Fashion

Translated/ Edited by Sherry Chen   A Final Embrace Many powerful photographs have been made in the aftermath of the devastating collapse of a garment factory on the outskirts of Dhaka, Bangladesh. But one photo, by Bangladeshi photographer Taslima Akhter, has emerged as the most heart wrenching, capturing an entire country’s grief in a singleContinue reading “EFM – Sustainable Fashion”

Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania (2)

Amish people also hang their laundry outside the door, haha! It’s quite similar to Chinese families but not American families. When Amish girls reach 16 – 18, and boys 20 – 22, they will decide whether or not they will receive sacrament. In addition to traditional Christian ceremonies, they must also vow to a series ofContinue reading “Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania (2)”

New York, New York (2)

9-11 Memorial. The sorrow was temporary for an outsider, but permanent for their families. Paid my respect to the heroes. In many parts of NY, it’s become hard to tell whether you are in China or the U.S. All the Chinese people, Chinese languages, and Chinese lifestyles going around here……   Metropolitan Museum of Art,Continue reading “New York, New York (2)”

Adventures in Israel (1)

Starting a trip to Israel. For most Chinese people, Israel is a land of mystery. I was mostly concerned with safety issues before I left for this country. My team chose to travel via EL AL Israel Airline because it was the only flight that went straight to Israel. My first reaction was, would it reallyContinue reading “Adventures in Israel (1)”

My Trip to Turkey (7)

A real show of world diversity — dresses from around the world! It is not about having silky skin or attractive figure; the happiness I see in these people has already taken over me!   The world is losing its diversity… wherever I go, I feel like all the countries and the people of thoseContinue reading “My Trip to Turkey (7)”