How to judge the Chinese designers? Is Yohji Yamamoto right?

By Christine Tsui Translated by Rachel Wang Recently an essay about the comment of Chinese designers by Yohji Yamamoto seemingly struck a chord, and even several of my friends have re-posted the article. However, it may contain some misleading descriptions and analysis, so I would like to post my view on it below. The originalContinue reading “How to judge the Chinese designers? Is Yohji Yamamoto right?”

Grace Chen’s Couture Show at Shanghai Couture Week

I invited Queenie, the managing editor of Business of Fashion China to join me to visit @Grace Chen’s couture show last night at @Shanghai Couture Fashion Week…I was terribly late…I almost wanted to run with legs, but I was on high heels…. This little red dress is my favorite piece of the show. Cannot fitContinue reading “Grace Chen’s Couture Show at Shanghai Couture Week”

“China Fashion:Conversation with Chinese Designers”(Abstract)

The article provided here is from the book China Fashion: Conversations with Chinese Designers (Bloomsbury 2009). This article only provides part of the contents. For the completed writings please refer to Abstract This book mainly depicts the history of fashion design in China through interviews of prominent Chinese designers.  It covers the past three decades,Continue reading ““China Fashion:Conversation with Chinese Designers”(Abstract)”

Past, Present and Future of Chinese Independent Fashion Designers (2)

(This article was posted on”China Garments”2015.7. Unless otherwise specified, all of the pictures used in the article are provided by designer) In terms of opportunities, there is no doubt that the biggest opportunity for Chinese designers is the adjective “Chinese”, especially in the consideration of media’s attention. From the industry media and consumer media toContinue reading “Past, Present and Future of Chinese Independent Fashion Designers (2)”

New York, New York (1)

Started a new journey in the Big Apple! This was a show for graduate students of Fashion and Society at Parsons. Parsons is one of the best fashion institutions indeed – most of these graduates’ designs are good enough to enter the market. Their works show strong personal styles but are also very practical; theyContinue reading “New York, New York (1)”