How to judge the Chinese designers? Is Yohji Yamamoto right?

By Christine Tsui Translated by Rachel Wang Recently an essay about the comment of Chinese designers by Yohji Yamamoto seemingly struck a chord, and even several of my friends have re-posted the article. However, it may contain some misleading descriptions and analysis, so I would like to post my view on it below. The originalContinue reading “How to judge the Chinese designers? Is Yohji Yamamoto right?”

Some Thoughts on Fashion Week

Fashion Week today is becoming a celebrity show rather than “fashion” show. Seems like press is more interested in the first row instead of the clothing itself. In China, the Fashion Week prior to 2005 was merely a self-entertaining practice – most presenting designers were just “show” designers (means they did not have stores), mostContinue reading “Some Thoughts on Fashion Week”

Grace Chen’s Couture Show at Shanghai Couture Week

I invited Queenie, the managing editor of Business of Fashion China to join me to visit @Grace Chen’s couture show last night at @Shanghai Couture Fashion Week…I was terribly late…I almost wanted to run with legs, but I was on high heels…. This little red dress is my favorite piece of the show. Cannot fitContinue reading “Grace Chen’s Couture Show at Shanghai Couture Week”

SANKUANZ: The New ‘Chinese’ Fashion

The original article has been in published in CODIGO Magazine. No unauthorized use is permitted. By: Christine Tsui Tibetan religious symbols,deformed animals, and extraterrestrial beings in spring-bud green are depicted running in tandem with transformed Chinese characters like “diyu (hell)”, “hun (muddy)”, “pei (an onomatopoetic word of spitting)”, “‘lihai (fierce)”. These images are depicted on longContinue reading “SANKUANZ: The New ‘Chinese’ Fashion”

Always look at the bright side – Some Thoughts on China and Chinese Fashion Industry

The organizer of the Brazilian conference says they would like to know why Chinese fashion industry develops so fast. No one expected China would have her own fashion 20 years ago. A friend asked me a similar question – why China made such dramatic change in the past 30 years? What a big question! WhatContinue reading “Always look at the bright side – Some Thoughts on China and Chinese Fashion Industry”