The 3rd (Non) Western Fashion Conference at HKU

The 3rd (Non) Western Fashion Conference held at the University of Hong Kong from November 22 to 23 has come to an end. Here are some highlights. With the keynote speakers of the 3rd (Non) Western Fashion Conference at HKU. From the right is, Dr Toby Slade from University of Tokyo, an Australian scholar who has made oneContinue reading “The 3rd (Non) Western Fashion Conference at HKU”

My Trip to Turkey (7)

A real show of world diversity — dresses from around the world! It is not about having silky skin or attractive figure; the happiness I see in these people has already taken over me!   The world is losing its diversity… wherever I go, I feel like all the countries and the people of thoseContinue reading “My Trip to Turkey (7)”

My Trip to Turkey (1)

Arrived in Turkey on 16th August! I feel so grateful for His grace. Both traditional and modern features can be found on the streets in Turkey. BTW, even CCTV4 can be found on local television! Surprising things at the International Conference of University Women: most attendees were in their 60s to 80s, and young womenContinue reading “My Trip to Turkey (1)”