How to Apply Traditional Culture to Modern Fashion? A View of a Costume Designer

Introduction: This session will repeatedly emphasize the importance of traditional culture to the design of comprehensive universities. Unlike domestic art institutions and foreign art institutions, market recognition is the most important to schools, so innovation should also be rooted in Chinese tradition, closer to life. Hope to chat with students in major colleges and universitiesContinue reading “How to Apply Traditional Culture to Modern Fashion? A View of a Costume Designer”

Views│What’s the uniqueness of the post-90s designers?

By Christine Tsui Translated by Rachel   Recently I have interviewed some post-90s designers in the Shanghai Fashion Week, so I would like to write this essay about my feelings of them. In my book China Fashion, I only interviewed a group of post-60 to 80 designers. But I have been observing the emerging designersContinue reading “Views│What’s the uniqueness of the post-90s designers?”

A Fashion Night In Shanghai

The party of specialty boutique BLANK. Shanghai is becoming another NYC – the same fashionable people, the same sophisticated lifestyle and endless parties.   The owner of @BLANK @JiJi is also one of the interviewed designers in my book #China Fashion #Conversations With Designers#. I had the honor of meeting some of the most outstandingContinue reading “A Fashion Night In Shanghai”

Dong Liang One Day at Shanghai Fashion Week

  I spent less time in Shanghai in recent years. Having not gone shopping for a long time, I went to K11 at Huaihai Zhong Road and saw the Shanghai Fashion Week. K11 seems operating quite successful now – attracts most young people here. Dong Liang One Day, presentation of Shanghai Fashion Week  is veryContinue reading “Dong Liang One Day at Shanghai Fashion Week”

The Exhibition of “The Best Teen Art and Writing from Across the Country” in 2014

The Exhibition of “The Best Teen Art and Writing from Across the Country” in 2014. Pictures 1-2 Gold Metal Award – Market Street. All the award winners are teenagers. This painting is very interesting. Please check how many people are there in the painting? This painting, “Watch Your Step”, is an optical art. Look atContinue reading “The Exhibition of “The Best Teen Art and Writing from Across the Country” in 2014”

Final Thesis Panel Presentation of BFA Fashion Design-Parsons 2014

This is the Final Thesis Panel Presentation of BFA Fashion Design of Parsons in 2014. Students would display their works first and then receive individual comments. Every student would do his or her individual presentation. I like this series very much. But it has a high requirement of the body – only tall people couldContinue reading “Final Thesis Panel Presentation of BFA Fashion Design-Parsons 2014”

Paying Tribute to the Legend: Louise Wilson

(The photo is from the Internet)   I am deeply shocked by this news. The leading professor in Saint Martin, Louise Wilson passed away last night, at the age of 51. She has mentored several top designers, among which the most famous one is McQueen. This is a huge blow to Saint Martin. I haveContinue reading “Paying Tribute to the Legend: Louise Wilson”

Fashion II

I arrive in Philadelphia today. The weather in east coast changes like this. I felt like I needed to wear a feathered coat yesterday but I am wearing a T-shirt today. Spring is so short and summer finally comes. The new trend now is riding a bike instead of driving a car, which is both healthyContinue reading “Fashion II”

EFM – Sustainable Fashion

Translated/ Edited by Sherry Chen   A Final Embrace Many powerful photographs have been made in the aftermath of the devastating collapse of a garment factory on the outskirts of Dhaka, Bangladesh. But one photo, by Bangladeshi photographer Taslima Akhter, has emerged as the most heart wrenching, capturing an entire country’s grief in a singleContinue reading “EFM – Sustainable Fashion”

Ethics & Fashion Magazine — Funded by Uni of HK

EFM is the first magazine in Hong Kong that focuses on the topics of ethics & fashion, and sustainable fashion. More contents will be uploaded shortly, first on the Chinese version of my blog, then here in English. Keep yourself tuned!