The True Cost behind the Fashion Industry (part 1): the cost of life

Regardless which industry you are in, as long as you wear clothes, you should watch this documentary called @“the True Cost” by @Andrew Morgan. For most of people who are not in the fashion industry, what they usually care are the price, quality and style. Even to the people who are within the industry, whatContinue reading “The True Cost behind the Fashion Industry (part 1): the cost of life”

EFM – Fashion News Express

Angelina Jolie’s new jewelry line to fund girls’ school in Afghanistan Jolie partnered up with Procop after meeting him when he designed the engagement ring given to her by Brad Pitt last April. Together, the two have designed a line of jewelry partially inspired by jewels that the actress has worn herself, including a black and goldContinue reading “EFM – Fashion News Express”

EFM – Sustainable Fashion

Translated/ Edited by Sherry Chen   A Final Embrace Many powerful photographs have been made in the aftermath of the devastating collapse of a garment factory on the outskirts of Dhaka, Bangladesh. But one photo, by Bangladeshi photographer Taslima Akhter, has emerged as the most heart wrenching, capturing an entire country’s grief in a singleContinue reading “EFM – Sustainable Fashion”

Ethics & Fashion Magazine — Funded by Uni of HK

EFM is the first magazine in Hong Kong that focuses on the topics of ethics & fashion, and sustainable fashion. More contents will be uploaded shortly, first on the Chinese version of my blog, then here in English. Keep yourself tuned!